15 Shawwal 1441

Asalamu aleikum. Sheikh, i am getting married soon and going back to study medicine after an incident where i got mentally sick but Alhamdulilah now i am all better.If am starting a family,would it be better for me to stop studying and get a job?my husband doesnt make much money as he is also a student.i also have hard time giving up medicine altogether.its good knowledge and i can help treat my muslim sisters inshaAllah.i have prayed istikhara,i am just in need of good advice.

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May 7th, 2014

Wa aalikum salam

This is upon you to chose and it depends in your husband’s approval and the conditions of your studying and working as mixing is not allowed except in very limited conditions.

As for working in hospital: http://www.assimalhakeem.net/node/3549

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