20 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

I discussed some matter about mr.abc with one of my uncle then we took some decision after that my uncle went to mr.abc and told him the things which I discussed with him but didn’t tell what he himself said regarding all this.this is creating misunderstanding between me and mr.abc. Can i tell mr.abc what my uncle said regarding him?

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In Psychological and Social Problems
Mar 11th, 2014

You have to first define whether your conversation with your uncle about this person was good and legitimate or not. If it was true and justified and you are not considered wrong in the eyes of people because this person did things that needed solving, you shouldn’t worry about it because you can always meet that person and tell him that due to what he had done you needed to solve these problems and that is why you discussed it with your uncle and said what you had said. You didn’t lie or said anything wrong about him.

But if what you were discussing wasn’t true or it was not legitimate but rather it was chit chatting and gossiping or ridiculing him, in this case, what your uncle had done is a major sin and it is called Nameemah, which is transmitting gossip so that two would have enmity between them.

It is not permissible for you to do the same with your uncle as this wouldn’t absolve you from what you had done. Therefore, two wrongs never make one right.

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