8 Rabi al-Awwal 1442

A group of my friends have started to give dawah, they adhere to Quran and Sunnah but they focus more on establishing Khilafah. They quote from Quran verse no.75 surah Noor about Khilafah.

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Mar 3rd, 2014

They also quote hadith saying whoever dies without a allegiance to a khalifiah dies as a jahalliyah. They gather all young people and say they are part of Hizb tahrir and say the leaders of the muslim countries should be removed because they do not help the ummah suffering,they say khilafah is superior as salah and they say all the ulemas do not teach about khilafah as they are scared .


To the best of my knowledge, Hizb Al Tahreer doesn’t follow the manhaj of Ahlu Sunnah.

Whoever claims that khilafa is superior to salah is ignorant and must be brought back to his senses. If he refuses, he is not a Muslim.

This Hizb or party is focused only on politics and has nothing to do with Islam. Therefore, such people should be avoided and one should only stick with real practicing Muslims.

Muslims in the west should follow the leader of the Muslim community who acts as their leader and Imam. They can also follow one of the Muslim leaders in Muslim countries and this would be sufficient.

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