16 Muharram 1444

If I draw portraits or imaginary humans I don’t think I’m God or something, I just need to express myself. And for portraits anyway they are just copies of what already was made by God. So I’m just copying on paper, I don’t clone them into reality.

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Feb 27th, 2014

Whatever we are asked to do is from Allah or from His Messenger, peace and praise be upon him. We have to submit our will to Allah and comply without any hesitations.

If every person wants a justification for not crossing a red traffic light, it would be chaos and lack of order.

Islam is from Allah and we believe that Allah is wise and knowledgeable. He the almighty would not order us to do something that is not good for us and wouldn’t prohibit us from something that is not bad for us. We sometimes don’t see the wisdom behind it.

If you notice, whoever draws a portrait, he is always trying to beautify it more or put his own touches on it. Look for example at the Monaliza. It was surely not like Deviance portrayed her. That is why, people want their portrait to be made rather than putting a full-size photo of them.

Whenever you want to express yourself, you can always draw whatever you like providing that it doesn’t have a soul. You can draw plants, mountains, oceans etc.

I hope this helps a bit how we think about the issue of drawing.

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