16 Muharram 1444

I am a female fine arts student . My problem is that i know some ahadith that say creating animate objects are haraam in Islam and that ,in the hereafter, …

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Feb 27th, 2014

…we will be asked to insert soul in the pictures that we drew and face many other punishments. I always have been into arts and drawings. Painting is what i always wanted to learn. My case is, that i want to become a professional artist but i want to spread awareness among the masses in my works. I want to remove misconceptions about Islam, i want to do Islamic art, calligraphy, abstracts and so on.
I know the idoltary started from drawing animate objects as well but its just not the case here. Now, if i create some animate being in my artwork (not like i will depict them in every artwork) for a good cause, will i still be punished by Allah(SWT)?

The most authentic opinion is that it is forbidden even if the cause was good because the Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam didn’t tell us whether the intention mattered in forbidden things or not. He simply told us not to do it.

Therefore, you mustn’t go down that road.

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