11 Shawwal 1441

I found a tiny owl with its legs tied up with a black thread, seeing it was in trouble we cut open the thread and every elder in the family is furious on us for having touched it and ordered us to take a bath with zam zam immediately and its now gone to the extent of asking some “alims” whom I’m guessing are people at dargahs, about the entire issue.I know black magic exists and has many forms but is it wrong to help poor animals? Should I believe in all this?

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In Jinn, Witchcraft, Black Magic and the Evil Eye
Feb 15th, 2014


What you have done, I would have done the same and there is no need for alarm. We do what we do for the sake of Allah and as long as we are saying our athkar in the morning and evening and we trust Allah, nothing can harm us.

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