16 Shawwal 1443

Kindly explain Suratul Baqarah verses 2:229 and 2:230,what the ‘ twice ‘ and ‘ third ‘ means in these Ayaat (verses)?

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Feb 13th, 2014

The Muslim can divorce his wife 3 separate divorces.

If he divorces her once, she is still his wife until she finishes 3 menstruations or delivers in case if she was pregnant. If he reconciles with her within this period of time, she remains his wife and he has 2 more divorces. If he doesn’t reconcile with her after this waiting period, she becomes a stranger to him and she may marry another man if she wishes. If he wants to get her back and remarry her, he has to do this with a new marriage where he would have to propose again to her guardian and pay a new dowry with a new contract.

If he divorces her again, the same scenario applies.

If he divorces her for the 3rd time, she becomes a stranger to him immediately and he can not marry her again until she marries another man in a real marriage and then after he divorces her he can marry her again.

This is the interpretation of the verses as well

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