20 Ramadan 1440

We have little cash money and others in d bank.I have gold morethan 80grm but all has not yet reach one year.Can i give zakat for my money and gold in ramadhan because reward is multiply. Im not rich but i have little savings for my kids since I am a working mom.Can u tell me d ruling of zakat.Can i give to my mother?I have amount of savings but I depend my daily expenses tru monthly salary.

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May 14th, 2018


If the cash reaches 595 grams of silver or more, you must give zakat on that once a whole lunar year passes. It is best to give it once it is due and not to give it out in Ramadan as all poor get zakat in Ramadan and they continue to be poor the rest of the year! 

If you have gold that is 85 grams or more of our gold, there is zakat on it,

You can’t give your mother from the zakat.  


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