21 Muharram 1441

Sir my brother has passed away. He died because of black magic..his wife did black magic n he passed away.pls sir let me know..is his sin forgave by Allah?.his wife killed him by black magic pls suggest me.. his sin will b forgiven.. and 2nd sir any special Quran reading for him to get him n jannah

By Admin
In Funerals
Apr 14th, 2019


May Allah Grant him Maghfirah. 

You can’t be sure of him dying of black magic. Accusing her without proof and evidence that can stand in a court of law is a major Sin! Pray for him and do not give in to these thoughts. Reciting the Quran for him is an innovation. You can make Duaa, give charity, make Umrah and hajj for him. This would benefit him in Sha Allah.

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