Jan 10

I know we have to exhort others to good,forbid evil and enjoin the good, but there are those who in their arrogance don't take too well too advice from certain people

January 10, 2012 - 07:33 — contribute

you'd see their face change dramatically, their voice even, and they'd say a subtle comment here or there,maybe even insult you, or some are soooo paranoid, they think you're indirectly attacking or judging them,for example my friend if i say fear Allah don't backbite, he thinks of it as me regarding him as a big backbitter,and that i have bad thoughts about him in my head,advising such people is very difficult,more so because im just starting, this sort of behaviour isnt normal to me, so how do i go about advising these people.Should I say directly to him?Or indirectly Pls advice.

You should come out directly but in a nice way and if they don’t like it, leave them as they are bad influence over you

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