20 Ramadan 1440

My father doesn’t care about me and my siblings or our mother. He doesn’t offer salah and hasn’t read the Qur’an and doesn’t believe in these things. We are tired of his behaviour. He has destroyed our family business and has been doing self destructive things since the last few years. He doesn’t listen to anything we say. My grandmother and father’s sister have also most likely done magic on him.

By Admin
In Fiqh of the family
Mar 17th, 2019


People have different tests in this world. Some are tested in their health. There are those who undergo dialysis every other day. Others get chemotherapy treatment, not knowing if they will make it or not. There are those who face different calamities such as wars, insecurity, poverty, famine, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. I know they all wish they had your calamity. 

Allah has tested you with your father! There is nothing you can do except being dutiful, respectful and obedient. If you succeed in doing this, Allah will reward you with paradise. But if you fail, you would have failed your test from Allah.

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