20 Ramadan 1440

I will be visiting my mothers country soon and the common clothes women wear is salwar kameez, which is loose trousers and a dress ending at the knees, is it permissible to wear this in front of non mahram men. I want to wear a loose abaya however my mother is strictly against this. No one wears an abaya there so I will also stand out

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In Dealings and Attitudes with Relatives
Nov 11th, 2018


No, you must not go out in front of non mahrams like this. You must wear the loose abaya over these clothes and convince your mum that what she’s saying is not permissible in Islam. Be diplomatic but firm and show utmost respect and never raise your voice while dealing with these kind of situations with your parents. It is also not permissible to mix with non mahrams even if you are wearing abayah. Make this clear to them.

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