14 Rajab 1440

i usually see dreams and they do come true later. i saw a dream where a man tells me that my life before mairrage is going to be good but after getting married i am going to face a lot of difficulties and that i would regret for a certain decisions.Then i walk away & stand on a door.a lady opens it n i see a room lots of bright light and i see myself inside sitting n praying namaz.i am scared of f

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Aug 4th, 2018


I don’t have knowledge in dream interpretations, however, when you see a disturbing dream that you don’t like, this is from Satan and you must ignore it and seek refuge in Allah 3 times and spit to your left 3 times when you wake up. You should also tell no one about it.

Don’t allow Satan to mess with your mind with such dreams. 



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