17 Shawwal 1440

I askd ago abt fod w/ ingrdint named “spice”. Usaid like “halal unless prven haram”.I contacted and got reply frm the manufacturer that it’s in fact the haram spice! I dnt get it,the default for “spice” is not halal it’s dobtful bcuz not all spices are halal.If you were allergic to it, U wdnt eat it would you?, but when it comes to religion u allow it? How cn it be halal frst then haram? no change

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Jan 14th, 2019


You are not held accountable for what you did not know. By default, it is halal until it is proven to be haram. You must by your logic make sure that the water is not recycled from sewer water and that the meat you eat was slaughtered by a Muslim who doesn’t commit shirk and that you hear him personally saying Bismillah before slaughtering, because he might have forgotten it! With your logic, you will make life miserable for you and those around you! It is your choice. 


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