Q & A - Images and image-making

  1. Ruling on cloning of human beings
  2. Is there any haith which says that we should not keep the picutre of dead people
  3. Sheikh we went to Mecca and had photo taken of our kids by Kaaba . Now my wife has gone and made them big and put them in a frame and hanged them in the living room wall. Could I pray in that room or do I go to the other room where there are no photos
  4. I am starting up a rendering company which will render 3d animation and 3d structures. I would like to ask for your opinion on this business, it is syari'ah complied or not.
  5. Is taking photo for another person haram?
  6. When i was pregnant i recevied the baby products, such as bath, room boarder and other assesories that have the pictuer of three animals, can i use them ?
  7. In my trade to sell clothing (online from home), to take photos of garments they are placed on a full size mannequin. It has body features as normal but it has no face on it such as eyes, nose etc.
  8. Am i acceptable to wear a tiny gold dolphin on my neck it has circle drawn as an eye but it is not very clear its a gift from my husband can i wear this all the time on my neck and carry on with my salat an all
  9. Filming conferences and celebrations on video
  10. Please is it allowed for a Muslim to bake cookies in the shape of animals and with smiley faces on them? Jazakallahu khair.
  11. Is it permissable to hang up pink and purple, foam materialed, dragon flies without faces on the walls that I am not praying towards?
  12. My question is regarding whether we can hang pictures in our home consisting of places,buildings and photographs consisting of poses of hands,legs...not the face
  13. What is the ruling on photography using cameras? Does this come under the hadith regarding the creation of animate drawings?
  14. Can we keep a hand made fish aquarium as a decoration piece in our drawing room. The hand made fish are made of cardboard.
  15. He runs an Islamic school and wants to display short hadeeth using animated cartoons on the class room walls for the benefit of little children to learn from. Is it permissible?
  16. Is it allowed 2 take pics on the day of wedding in islam? just 4 d sake of memories.
  17. Sheikh is it possible to wear a pair of shoes with a little kangarou embroidered logo on it?
  18. If images are displayed in the computer screen and the computer is on while we are praying, are we supposed to cover the computer screen? Is the prayer valid and presence of angels would be there if the images are displayed in the computer screen?
  19. Im 14 years old boy that go in school, and you know in school we have a subject named : ( i dont know how to spell it im not english ) but the subject in school that you Draw things.
  20. Drawing faces or pictures of living beings is haram, but on forums and other places on the internet people draw emoticons using symbols, for example :D represents a smiling face if u look at it vertically. is this haram?.
  21. I am a female fine arts student . My problem is that i know some ahadith that say creating animate objects are haraam in Islam and that ,in the hereafter, ...
  22. According to the Quran & Sunnah, what does Islam say about someone keeping a picture of a relative,etc... passed away, keeping it in a wallet?...
  23. I wanted to ask about this little thing which I received through the post. On it there were some weird images of a magician and a skeleton head. I think it had Urdu writing and Bengali, but I couldn't read it....
  24. Is it ok if I just remove the eyes from the pictures of living things from garments, or it is necessary to remove the entire head from the picture. Please let me know.
  25. My problem is that i know some ahadith that say creating animate objects are haraam in Islam and that ,in the hereafter, we will be asked to insert soul in the pictures that we drew and face many other punishments. I always have been into arts and drawing
  26. I m a woman and I live in UK, and I was wondering whether taking pictures of myself and sending them to my family who might be living around the world, is Allowed?
  27. I would like to know how I can draw a person in an Islamic manner?
  28. If I draw portraits or imaginary humans I don't think I'm God or something, I just need to express myself. And for portraits anyway they are just copies of what already was made by God. So I'm just copying on paper, I don't clone them into reality.
  29. I'm running an eye wear store on the internet and I had a question regarding using mannequin heads for displaying the eye wear, and how/if the mannequin head resembles Allah's creation, or a statue, etc..
  30. I study arts. I know some ahadith that say creating animate objects are haraam in Islam and that,in the hereafter, we will be asked to insert soul in the pictures that we drew.I want to remove misconceptions about Islam.
  31. My husband tells me it is haram to take pictureswith our baby, what is his evidence
  32. Is it allowed to gift images of human, animal and dolls as gifts to children? and can we dress our children with t-shirts and frocks with cartoon images.
  33. I would like to know how I can draw a person in an Islamic manner?
  34. Why is my husband telling it is haram to take pictures, what is his avidence?I make them for my parents who are not near us.
  35. Is it permisible to keep pictures for memories ?
  36. Ruling on animated drawings (cartoons)
  37. If someone has drawn some pictures of faces so how should he/she erase them
  38. Sheikh Assim i hear that pictures are not good to keep them.But can we make pictures for our children and kepp them on closet?
  39. My q is how should we erase the images?and one more question for architect studies students get assignments for drawing pictures so sheikh what is the rulling in this condition?
  40. It is permissible to keep pictures?