Q & A - Belief in Divinely-revealed Books

  1. A non-Muslim asked me "Why do Prophets only receive revelation rather than whole of mankind?" How will I approach this question?
  2. Which is correct:-read surah nas, surah ihklaas and surah al falaq and blow on your hands and put over your body to protect u from the shaytan or
  3. Are we recommended to read a lot of durood everyday? Is there any prescribed number of times to read it and any specific times for it?
  4. Anyone who recites suratul ikhlas 10 times, Allaah will build a house for jannah for that person. My question is, does it mean 10 times a day?
  5. Why was the Quran re-ordered? like surah alaq was reveiled first so why isnt it the first surah in the quran?
  6. How can a Muslim believe in both the Qur'an and the previous revelations seeing as many of the stories are different?
  7. When Allah (swt) ordered only angles to bow to Adam then why Allah said Iblis broken the commandment because he was a Jinn and the commandment was only for the angles?
  8. Can u tell me plz which translation is more appropite for this verse?i find 3 in internet.
  9. A christian ask about those verses: 8:12 Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you: give firmness to the Believers:
  10. What is the reward for memorizing the Quran? Is there any specific hadith you can direct me to?
  11. I have 2 quraans. Sajdah verses are different in both of this quraan. what is the sajdah thilaawath verses in quraan? it is realy confuse me? please clarify.
  12. Part of chapter 5 verse 6 , Allah SWT mentions that if a believer has had ''an intimate contact with a woman" he must use some clean sand if theres no water to purify himself. I was wondering why Allah SWT uses the word "woman" and not "wife" ?
  13. : Who are the ahl-ul-kitab, and do they exist nowadays? And are they all kuffar?"
  14. In how many ways the revelations of Quran took place? was it only through Jabraheel.??”