Q & A - Psychological Problems

  1. I would like to know how to get rid of obsession, whether for a women or worldly things. It seems like my brain works in two ways: I don't care about something or I'm completely obsessed with it.
  2. A person had a bad thought which could be in disrespect to Allah and the book of Allah or anything relating to mockery or disrespect to the wives of the prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) and ends up laughing at that thought...........
  3. I have been feeling really depressed, and scared for the last couple of days. And I need guidance on how to overcome this feeling. dont want to leave my house and getting suicidal thoughts. Why am i feeling like this?
  4. Is an oath valid if one swears an oath in their mind without saying it on their lips? Also, I suffer from waswas. This is a major problem for me. my mind makes too many oath beyond my control. my mind swears to do this or that or not to do......
  5. I am suffering from waswas and purity, i smell something even if there is nothing there. I used the washing machine today and some clothes had smell in them so i cleaned the dryer, and put everything back in the washer.
  6. How can one increase their faith and gaurd themselves from bad thoughts?
  7. Can you suggest me something that would help me work on my patience, this is highly of concern to me, as my temper is short, I am more of anti social, get frustrated easily, and I am usually sick and unwell due to my depression which is a 12 month cycle.
  8. I am a good Muslim, I try my best to please Allah and avoid making sins, but I suffer from anxiety phases. My question is: should I try doing ruqiah first or should I go and see a doctor?
  9. If someone suffering from claustrophobia how she or he wil perform Haj?
  10. sheilkh, need to ask you if a muslim goes through depression, how should he deal with this feeling. Many times been told that if you are a muslim you should not be depressed.