Q & A - Manners

  1. I would like to know if it is permissible to send a wedding card to someone who is getting married? The card will have no human image just non human images and no unislamic messages.
  2. Is it permissible to joke in such a way that I exaggerate things? For e.g., if someone tells me that you are so powerful that you can lift 50 kgs of weight, then I tell him jokingly that I can even lift 1000 kgs of weight. Is this lying? ...
  3. I have said to someone i.e. promised that I would do dua' for you all my life insha'Allah, then after few months I got angry and said that I won't make any dua' for you and I was serious in what I had said, so is it permissible for me not to make dua'?
  4. Is it permissible for a man to become a physiotherapist, given the demands of such an occupation may require (though rarely) for a man to touch a woman with the intention of helping her overcome a physical injury?
  5. I saw the answer you posted for athan, lets say it goes on can someone stop it, like lets say prayer time for maghrib enetered and as soon as the athan started you stop it like when he says, allah, or allahu akbar? is it okay to stop it? or will you be si
  6. Even for accusing Muslim women, what if something comes out of my mouth by mistake or by slip of the tongue, for example I say so and so lady is in love. Does the punishment apply on me for this?
  7. Is it permissible to say such statements, had it been permissible, I surely would have chopped your neck or would not hesitate to harm you etc?
  8. Can i give out charity on my parent‘s behalf while they are still alive?
  9. Is it allowed to smell the food? in india people are telling it's not allowed cause only dogs smells...is it true?
  10. If a brother asks me (a sister) for some advice on a social net (facebook) about some certain topics, could i reply back with the advice? or am i not allowed to?
  11. Sheikh I have Heard that We Should be Kind With Our Neighbor . Does It Apply For us . Even If Our Neighbor is Non-Muslim ?
  12. Sir what exactly it means in Islam when it is said that one should not have love for this world because we are living so we have fantasy for nice food nice clothes nice houses nice cars good lifestyle etc so does it mean we love world
  13. Is it permissible to work in a mixed environment?
  14. If some Muslim defames another Muslim or tries to harm him, is this Major sin or hypocrisy? What is the ruling?
  15. Car Insurance-It is mandatory is it fine if we can claim insurance if car meets an accident since we are paying premium ?
  16. Is there any tips for sucess in worldly exams for a muslim.?
  17. Is it permissible to use a telescope/binoculars to view the landscape and scenery etc?,
  18. I m a revert sister and my brother would marry this summer .Can I participate to his wedding?My mom would get very sad if I don’t and I am afraid for her health.
  19. Question: A common thing which people utter is the cursing of Shaytaan, e.g. Palestinians commonly say "Allah yil'an ishaytaan" and Egyptions commonly say "Allah yil'an shaytaanak". Is this permissable/fine to say or wrong?
  20. Do you think it's ok to send my wife (wearing hijaab) to a college where there will be male teachers? I seem to have the fear that she might develop attraction towards them since attending their classes means that she will have to stare at them.
  21. Having bad thoughts of women, about sexual matter, if they pass my head naturally, is this makrooh? I don't make any intention, or should one not have these kinds of thoughts and cleanse his heart?
  22. What is more important? helping others/Nikah or seeking knowledge of deen?
  23. If a non muslim says salam is it not allowed to for a muslim to reply it. please explain in detail
  24. Shiekh, can we allow christian man to be business partner? i would like to start a business where i need a skilled man i want to this man to be my partner 50% sharing partner.
  25. If a girl mate says to me -yarhamouka allah- or when entering to the studying room says-assalam alaikoum- should we answer her; or when she sneezes; should we say to her yarhamouki allah.
  26. Favoring a non muslim over a muslim is this kufr?
  27. If I see a lady and want to marry her, and then I wish what I would do with her after marriage? Is this Zina?
  28. If we backbite about a disbeliever, does our deeds go to them?
  29. Dealing with a bad Temper
  30. In the west where segregated colleges and universities hardly exist, would it be haram for a muslim woman to attend them even if she is covered properly.
  31. I have a doubt concerning drinking water in three sips. Should each sip be divided into three parts or the entire contents of the glass should be drunk in three parts? Is this rule only applicable to water or any liquids like juice or tea?
  32. Can you please tell me, if someone is sick with the flu and it is contageous, and puts you at risk of getting sick and spreding the sickness..Should we visit this person ?
  33. Your not allowed to talk in the toilet. What if someone knocks on the door to know who's inside?
  34. I read in one of your answers that everything Prophet(s.a.w) did or asked to do is Sunnah,then why is beard regarded a fardh by many scholors?
  35. How should one care about others more than himself?
  36. Sometimes I say I am not going to eat out of anger. I don't swear or say "I swear/swear by Allaah I am not going to eat. Is that consider as oath?
  37. Is it valid in islam to do salam ey touching feet of parents for blessing . I am from bangladesh its a tradition in our country to make salam by touching feet
  38. Is it allowed to attain non muslim wedding atleast to wish them if they our close friend. And is it halal to eat the food of non muslim wedding.
  39. Having too much disgust of low quality things such as foods,clothes etc. is this good or not?
  40. What is the difference between sunnah and customs...many of the indian schloara told that whatever our prophet s.a.w did is sunnah like eating. by sitting on floor wearing arabic dresses,...etc
  41. I have a single bedroom with one cupboard where on the top shelf i place the Quraan. My bed is placed in such a position that when i sleep my feet are towards the cupboard where the Quraans are. Pls advice
  42. Her mother wants to give her a birthday party – what should she do?
  43. Some countries care about their people or citizens only like saudi governmen do many thing to saudis but not to foreigners . is this come under nationalism .
  44. Is it true that whatever is regarded as beautiful of customs and clothes, furniture etc. are regarded as good and beautiful also to Allah? With mention to the hadith that says Allah loves beauty
  45. Can we stand and EAT?
  46. What are situations in which lie is allowed?
  47. Is it an act of virtue to stay satisfied with low quality stuffs or should one try to look for good qualities, I mean for clothes,foods,furniture etc. Which is better?
  48. Is it haram to treat orphans or poor people harshly ?
  49. Anas narrated that Allah's Messenger (SAW), would breathe three times while drinking. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim). What does this mean, Sheikh. Are we not supposed to blow inside or breathe into while drinking??
  50. What does Islam say about de ja vu?
  51. Is it allowed to be massaged for treatment such as body/ muscles /back and joint pain.
  52. Is it permissible to give sadaqa (giving the Quran and the other Dua books etc..etc...) to benifit the dead?
  53. Throwing food
  54. Is it sunnah to sit on the floor and eat? Do you get rewarded?
  55. What do we say when burping?
  56. To do body massage we have to expose our awrah.so is it permissible to do complete body massage?
  57. Is it permissible to obtain a British Passport ?
  58. Shaykh, what is your opinion about what this statement: "The European Fatwa Council; made up of 20 of the worlds greatest Muslim Jurists, stated that it is permissible to greet people on these days (exchange gifts even)
  59. Is it allowed for Muslims to go on hunger strike inside of the prisons when they have no other alternative? If its not, is it haram to support their actions on facebook?
  60. Can we use both our hands while eating burger?
  61. Is it permissible to decorate our homes with pictures of Kaaba. masjid nabiyyi (SAW) and the rawdah as capured from aerial photographs?
  62. I read that if ur family memeber is travelling u cant hug them at the aiprort i jsut lost where i read it, but i wanted to make sure, would it be impermisisble for a mom to hug son, siter, brother, etc, wife, at the airort when theyre travelling?
  63. Can we eat or drink the food which kept opened?
  64. If someone sneezes and says 'ALHAMDU LILLAH',do all the people in the room have to say 'YARHAMU KAALLAH'?
  65. Is it Sunnah to do Tawbah for everything which is considered bad in Islam (not only for that which is haram)?
  66. Should we love the Qadr of Allah? Suppose a Muslim is murdered? Should we love that it was Allah's decision for that happen?
  67. Sheikh is it permissible to decorate our homes with islamic calligraphic surahs or the names of allah in ones home?
  68. It is sunnah to say Rahimatullah (Allah have mercy upon him) after mentioning any Islamic personality who came after the companions...? did prophet told us to do so?
  69. If a software company stops selling older versions of a software , and sells latest versions , can i download the free older versions which are being uploaded in torrent websites ???
  70. I heard Sheikh Yusuf Estes say on a youtube clip something along the lines of hating the disbelief of a non muslim doesnt mean we the person. please could u explain this?
  71. Any difference between donation and charity in Islam? Which one is better and more rewarding? Please give an example of both.
  72. I know that it is part of Islam to care for others more than yourself. But in what cases should I care about myself more than others?
  73. Sheikh is speaking and talking in the washroom allowed?
  74. I was wondering because my family isn't religious.
  75. Is it permissible to work as a barrister (lawyer) in a UK court? Can you give daleel please?
  76. My question is that is it permissible to recite inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon (surah Baqarah:156)on the demise of a non-muslim?
  77. Not helping mom due to being lazy comes under doing uquq to towards her?
  78. If we visit non-muslim websites which make fun of Islam or critise muslim organisations for teaching true Islam to see what they are saying but we don't agree with them, is this kufr?
  79. Is it recommended to make tawbah for sins you have done in ignorance?
  80. What is the humane way to kill a rat or a mouse in Islam?,
  81. Ruling on participating in pension plans
  82. Does daughter in law who is abide by her in laws' family tradition to kiss her father in law's hand while greeting him.what islam says about such tradition?
  83. What is the maximum lenghth of hair a man can let grow?and what it is in the case of women?
  84. How to deal with the difference of opinion between scholars of ahlu sunnah?
  85. Is there any speciffic duah to be said when one drink zam zam?
  86. Are tattoos permissible?
  87. Some people are asking why saudi government are distroying islamic historic places for the extention of KAABA and Nabi SALLALLAHU ALIHEWASALAM'S masjid.
  88. some people are asking why saudi government are distroying islamic historic places for the extention of KAABA and Nabi SALLALLAHU ALIHEWASALAM'S masjid.
  89. Can we say ma sha Allah to a non muslim if she did something good?
  90. Is this permissible to be angry with one's parents?
  91. I would like to get married to a concubine what is the process and i would want more details .can i marry a maid or any other women whose is young and is alone and is in a battle groung like syria
  92. Are muslims allowed to feed poor non-Muslims ?
  93. Can we remove mole on our face?
  94. Is it permissible to ask Allah for hardships, trials, test and difficulties? If not, then why did Allah make my life extrememly difficult to practice Islam ?
  95. Is it Ok to wear T-shirts that has a name and flag of a non-muslim country (or even muslim country) in the front side so that it may not distract people from the back who are looking at.?
  96. If a neibor owna a fruit tree and a fruit falls on your proprty do you have to give the fruit back?
  97. Some people say that forcing others to do something is not good, the best is to encourage. Is this correct? About the hadith which says to stop Munkar and to use our hands to stop it. Does it mean that we shouldn't force?
  98. In my place generally people store Zamzam water for year(s) and use in times of unhealthy, difficulties (for making du’a), my question is, does storing Zamzam water for long period of time is permissible?
  99. Can we give sadaqh to nonmuslims?
  100. Child marriage in Islam is subject to the condition that it serve a clear and real interest
  101. My nephew is learning how to write, he chooses and feels most comfortable writing with his left hand although his mother guides him to write with his right, i have also seen many muslims writing with their left hand, is there a problem in this?
  102. Ruling on hypnotherapy
  103. What is the ruling for any person slaughtering an animal not to eat anything except from the anyminal slaughtered on Eid day.
  104. Am i allowed to lend money from someone whose business or job is not halal?
  105. Is it haram to study languages that you may need sometimes ,but are not really necessary (languages like latin,german,etc)?
  106. I am from india and we people used to eat rice and curry with right hand,so during eating our right becomes wet,my question is how can we drink with right hand as if someone is eating with me he may feel aukward.
  107. It is allowed in Islam to keep fish as a pet?
  108. Normally I do not name people when asking a question, however I believe it is necessary here,
  109. What was the etiquettes of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) when it comes to bathing? How many times a week did he bathe?
  110. Is it sunnah for the one going to make sacrifice on eid day not to eat anything until after the eid prayer? and is it recommended that he eats part of the sacrificial animal as his first meal?
  111. Is using paper money Haraam and come under riba ? Imran hosein from Trinidad claim that this comes under Riba, so can u please explain me in the light of Quran and Sahih hadith whether this will come or not under riba.
  112. Someone is asking that a woman wants to give bay'ah to a religious man (her husband permitted her to do). She wants to know if it's allowed in Islam or not? By bay'ah they mean that they will do whatever that religious man tells them, like acts of worship
  113. Ruling on selling clothes when one does not know whether they will be used in halaal ways or haraam
  114. Before we eat its sunnah to say Bismillah right ?
  115. If we sneeze and no one is present there except me who will answer my dua?
  116. Is it permissible to sleep with the foot pointing towards the Qiblah?
  117. If I sit in a room where somebody is watching a movie or something like that where actors are commiting shirk or kufr, do I become kafir? If I don't watch that,I just sit in the same room?
  118. What is the ruling regarding buying halloween candy or christams candy the next day when it is 50% off and you ar ebuyingit bc its on sale and chocolate?
  119. Please help me if you have any dua to be recitied daily for debts?
  120. Can I construct a house or part of house towards qibla direction?
  121. These flies that we can find in our homes black flies , well flies , is it forbidden to kill them , i think i have done it several times but now as i know they will be ressurected on the day of judgment , im scared that its a big sin to do that ,
  122. I remember you said in Q&A in huda tv if you want to be against the so called movie & cartoon against our beloved prophet(S,A,W),,you can boycott than being violent or protest
  123. Sheikh can you please tell me what should i do with my father when he is at home he turns on the tv if there is any news he watches it otherwise he always watches and listens to songs and musik i cant tell him anything out of respect.
  124. Sheikh in fiqhi issue some scholars have difference of opinion in instructing whether it is wajib or mustahabb
  125. Are the three signs of a hypocrite signs that a person is a hypocrite or might be a hypocrite? What should you do if a relative displays the signs and it is causing problems in your relationship with them?
  126. Can the muslim married woman go to night clubs where all sorts of haram activities exist such as alcohol and music and dance and free mix and taking off her hijab based on that she dont do any thing wrong?
  127. Can he listen to the Holy Qur’aan when he is in the bathroom?
  128. I am living in west, is it alright to say " HI" or "HELLO" or any other greetings to non muslims before they say to us?
  129. When is the appropiate time i should read surah al kahf on friday (is it on thursday night or on friday during day time)?
  130. Is it permissible for a muslim to watch the movie "innocence of muslims" the objectionable movie against our prophet?
  131. I'm a first year medical student in Riyadh. I would like to know if it is allowed in Islam to dissect human cadavers for the purpose of studying anatomy. The bodies have been taken with the consent of the deceased's relatives.
  132. Can we gift qur'aan with english translation as well as arabic text to non-muslims because English-only versions are hard to find?
  133. My job was haram and I leave it ,but now i face problems in getting another job.What should I do?
  134. Is it allowed to drink juice or water in wine glasses.. i mean the glasses which non-muslims use to drink wine?
  135. If there is no one in the house should he still say salaam?
  136. My father is going to start a medical pharmaceuticals shop. In our country Bangladesh every pharma sells products like condom, birth control pill. Is it allowed in Islam to sell condom and birth control pill.
  137. Is it forbidden or something like that to clip your nails after sunset (i.e. at night or midnight) ?
  138. He is asking about Bank al-Jazeerah
  139. It is shirk to think hanging Qur'an on walls will provide protection. What is the difference between this and drinking the ink of Qur'an for a cure?
  140. I've heard that if a rabbit gets older they get more aggressive so people get their rabbits fixed/neutered. But I've been told it is haram, is this true?
  141. If my father orders me to cut relations with my father in law,mother in law,brother in law etc.as they are not good practising muslims,should i obey my father?
  142. My friend who works for 'Microsoft' urges us to reconsider using Google products like Android, Google Apps, Gmail and others as Google seems a company that has not removed videos insulting our Prophet salla Allahu alahi wa sallam, from Youtube
  143. Can we pray for the deceased in our salah?
  144. I know using debit cards in kaffir countries may be sin because it helps them in their evil in the banks. But if someone you know already has a debit card, is it a sin to use their card to buy something?
  145. What is limit of hijab for a girl if she works ? is she allowed to work with males even if her family can survive without her pay ?
  146. In zulhajj can we give sacrifice in the name of prophet muhammad pbuh and can we give sacrifice in the name of relatives who have passed away.
  147. Shaykh, i am an engineer working in chennai,india..is it permissible for muslims to work in fridays?
  148. What is the ruling on selling water?
  149. My question is in India we are living with non Muslim friend or neighbored They are greeting in eid time eid mubakar so for us it’s permissible we have greeting on there Festival if not then they are thinking we are not good neighbored or friends
  150. Buying a house through a rent-to-own scheme
  151. What is the ruling on fixed profit in business ? is that comes under riba ?
  152. If a girl is rapped, should she hide it or tell the police so that she may get justice according to the law of land, note that it will lead to the publicity of her rape but if she doesn't report to the police isn't that wrong?
  153. There is one hadith in tirmidhi ... Where Ali(RA) make sacrifice of Prophet(SAW) even after his death... What is the rulling...? is this hadith sahih??
  154. Am I allowed to become a police officer in the UK. I very would like to be a police office just wanted to know if it ok in Islamic sharias.
  155. Is it permissible remove hair in hands and legs?
  156. I know it wrong to celebrate birthday but is it right to merely wish someone a happy birthday?
  157. What animals are forbidden to sell and buy, is it only cats and dogs, or all kind of pets?
  158. If a person is left handed, is it wrong for her to cook with her left hand?
  159. What is the ruling on using the phase "damn it" to express anger or disappointment? is this haraam or makrooh?
  160. Some people say that using zamzam water for cooking is not permissible.is that true?
  161. Please is it unislamic to palnt and grow banana , guava or orange trees in our homes?. Or is it just superstition that if one grows them, they can cause evil events in the house.
  162. Is it ok to touch private parts when i got temptation . will it consider as masturbation ?
  163. Kindly let me know is it permissible for a non-mahram person to greet AOA to a women and vice versa. I have heard that that it is not permittted in Islam
  164. If a kaafir friend of mine wishes me on eid saying "eid mubarak" should i reply saying "thank you"? and also is it permissable to give the special food prepared for eid for kaafir friends or neighbours?
  165. I said that if I do so and so i will became kafir. But i don't do that things. What should i do now? Is there any way to repent?
  166. If i am in a class and i need to go out to pray dhuhr.but the teacher is a kaafir and i have a fear that if i tell him i need to go out to pray he may not let me go.in this case is it permissable to lie to him saying that i am sick
  167. I know that a woman can't work with men in her job but is she allowed to teach boys?
  168. Islam encourages us to hide our sins, so is it permissible to lie to someone to hide ones sin?
  169. Sheikh,i heard that some people say "we cant do EID prayer at mosque, and say it should be done on a wide big area ?They even say its a biduah to pray at mosque?can u give me a detail answer whats the truth?
  170. Is it part of the Sunnah to say "nayman" to a someone who has just had a shower or haircut?
  171. Someone just told me leaning on a wall while sitting down is something to do with the sheitan that's why were are not allowed, is this true?
  172. Can we donate our organs like eyes, kidneys etc. After our death to people. Lately I have seen people filling forms for such donations.
  173. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala says in the Quran in Surah Al Mu'minun in verse 5 Who obtain form sex and in verse 6 expect with those joined to them in the marriage bond or the captives whom their right hand possess for in their case they are free from blame
  174. Is there anything wrong with someone being called wahab?
  175. Is it appropriate for someone to ask Allaah giving him death as martyr?
  176. If someone's mahrams aren't having enough money to sponsor her education, and she also doesn't has a job due to her niqab, and she isn't getting financial aid so can that lady take student loan that is based on interest?????
  177. Which is more rewardable, giving iftar in local masjid where there are few muslims (in the west) or giving it in my country where there are lots of muslims most of them are poor.
  178. Standing urinate is permissible in islam?
  179. I would like to know the ruling on living with a family member who deals in riba . is there any punishment on those living with such a person.
  180. Sheikh, is squid's ink halal to eat?
  181. My question even if we help poor non-muslims will we be rewarded?
  182. Is it ok to say (Allah Hafiz) when ever you leave a Majlis, House or is it an innovation?
  183. It is permissible to make invitation card for my wedding ?
  184. Is bad time a result of your bad deeds or it can be a trial?
  185. I study in a school where they don't allow me to where abaya and my mother also don't allow me to change the school please help me solve this problem!
  186. Sheikh i applied for a visit visa for germany and one of the conditons are i have to get health insurance for a month.....is it permissible?
  187. If one person says to another person 'By Allah or Wallahi I will send you back hone' and then the person dont want to. Should he offer expiation kafaarath yameen.
  188. Why Muadzin must closed 1 of his ears while giving adhan oe azaan.
  189. I backfight one of a fren of mine, but i already ask an apology 2her many tyms already,but she refuse 2 4give me..and so i did repent 2 Allah,.wat is d ruling in dis kind of situation, wil my ibadat stil accepted within diz holy month ramadan?
  190. We go for sales in commercial areas too so we may to the one who makes haraam images.it is water purifier for his home is it ok to deal with them as we are not giving them anything for their business ?
  191. Is cheating at school paper considered to be a major sin?
  192. If i throw a paper in the dustbin which contained the word "islam" written in that paper will i be commiting a sin?
  193. Is it permissible for me to say salam to my cat whenevr i see her sicne she is infact a muslim by default. i know it might sound stupid, but i love my cat and adore her
  194. Sheikh saying Juma Mubarik is not recommended according to Scholars. But, saying Ramadan Mubarik is not a bid'ah???? Why?
  195. Sir i have listened in your lecture that allah (saw) tells that masjid is the best land in the world and markets the worst
  196. I have NRI bank account in India which give interest, and i have not been using it as interest is haram. What should i do with the interest. Should i leave it to the bank or can it be used for paying of the medication costs for my grand mother's operation
  197. A person while studying had to prepare a thesis or a project to get a particular degree, if he doesnt do so he wont be getting the degree for sure... he tried to make the project but couldnt do so and asked one of his friends to make it
  198. When female watches Islamic lecture on video of a male sheikh, are they allowed to keep their eyes/gaze constantly on the face of the male sheikh/usthad?
  199. I am a new muslim that have converted recently.
  200. As I started to grow beard and pray salah, some people around me mock or fun at me saying you become a Huzur or Mullah. I can sense that they call these name not out of compliment rather as a fun. How to I response to these situation. ..
  201. Sir my question is going to honeymoon haram?
  202. When refering to the sahaba we say "RadhiyAllahu 'anhu/a", when refering to the taabi'ee scholars we say "Rahimahullaah", we also say "Rahmathullaahi 'alaih" for the Imaams, then for the contemporary scholars alive, we say "Hafidahullaah" etc.
  203. Is it permissible to observe suhoor or break the fast with food prepared by a kaafir mahram
  204. Can you please give more islamic veiw on the olympic torch?
  205. I have heard some people using "Alaihis Salaam" withsome personalities of Ahl-al-Bayt like Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Jaffar, Hazrat Hassan etc. Is using this term for these personalities permissible?
  206. Is burying a animal allowed in Islam?
  207. Sir travelling across the world just for the sake of pleasure and see the world which is created by allah going to beautiful places like new zealand, switzerland, france,australia etc and is going for honeymoon after marriage haram
  208. I heard from someone saying that shaving the whole head except for Haj or Umrah is haram..Is this correct?
  209. I pray that u receive this message in best of ur health and iman ..ameen ..my question is to know about any hadith about authenticity of kalima tayyaba ..la illaha illallahu muhammadur rasoolalah saww "
  210. Can we download pdf file from internet because it is available even if they don't allow it. pls clarify my answer
  211. Can I wish to die?
  212. Can we be harsh to do them not in a manner that we abuse them but just harsh to them? will we be sinful if we reply in a harsh way to their statements.
  213. I would like to know is adhan and iqama is also apply to female?
  214. I will be on 5th July inshAllah going for Umra and my friends suggested that you can do sadaqa by buying and placing a copy of the Quran that are available for sale especially authorized for the haram..is this ok?
  215. Is it good/halal to permanently remove armpit hair? Or is it wrong or disliked etc?
  216. Sheik I heard somewhere that Gold dealings, that is buying gold keeping it for sometime and selling it when the price goes up is Haram. Is this true?
  217. If we did something wrong to somebody is it wajib to apologize or restore his rights immediately or is it ok to wait a little until the circumstances are better?
  218. Dear Sheikh, is it possible to change boy's name after it is declared during Aqiqah? If not, can I just change from Ihsan to Ahsan?
  219. Can we walk on grasses which does not for example produce FRuit or plants to eat... There are too many grasses outside our house.. Can we walk on them?
  220. What is the difference between ibadah and ita'at?
  221. Did prophet mohammad salalahu alaihe wasalam made anything fard on us... something which is there no indication in Quran?? if yes can u please give me some examples
  222. Shaikh, since most of the Muslims of this era are unaware of what is Halaal and what is Haraam. So if my friend invites me or give me some gift, do I want to ask him whether his or his father's earning is Halaal or not? Is this will count as GULOO?
  223. When i see christians is there anything wrong in saying to myself "may the curse of Allah be upon the christians"? or else should i ask dua from Allah saying "oh Allah curse the christians"?
  224. Are man allowed to look at the face of bride of their friend? What is the guideline for this?
  225. Can we greet a non muslim with assalamualaikum?
  226. Is there a level in which the use of In Sha Allah or Maa Sha Allah become a kind of abuse?
  227. Is it permissible to appoint salesgirls and use women in adds?if no how can i advise my husband with proof co'z he never accepts me when i try to guide him in islamic way ?
  228. What is the ruling of saying "oh my god!" ?
  229. Rulings on clothing with regard to colour
  230. Is it allowed to be a part of a farewell party? Is there any incident in your knowledge of the life of RasullAllah sallAllahu alaihi wasallam attending a farewell party?
  231. I watched Ask huda yesterday that you talked about obedience to parents. My question if a parent does lots of bidah and sins,how can i avoid them doing this and which way can i advise them?? pls tell me..
  232. Sheikh,what is the islamic ruling on celebrating Childrensday ,Teachers Day ,national Day and so on?
  233. What exactly you mean by extravagant if i buy a mansion with a garden, swimming,gym,office etc so is it extravagant but i can afford i can afford expensive watches like rado,bretling,tag heur etc
  234. Ibn Qayyim said that one of the innovations of Jumah Khutba is starting with Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem, because the sunnah of the prophet (saw) would be to start with Alhamdullilah.
  235. I was wondering something for a while now, at this part of the world where i come from, proposing toast and toasting while drinking is a very common practice, someone told me that this was not allowed,
  236. Is writing a Diary permissible in Islam? This is because a person might backbite and slander others in the diary.
  237. I suffered a heavy loss in my business and now i dont have any money to get up again, can i go to bank for for financial assitance for that i have to pay intreast.what u suggest me .
  238. One of my friend is in the cinema industry and directs music. can u suggest me how to bring him back to the true path of islam?
  239. When reciting Surah Mulk before going to sleep should we be lying on our bed like the adhkar that we recite before sleeping?
  240. I want to ask a Question from u abut drinking water whilein a standing position ..
  241. Is having a costume party to raise funds for charity bidah?
  242. If he is answering a important phone call and another person comes next to him and starts wishing him salaam and asking him how he is doing and so on and so forth.
  243. Is it permissible to keep rabbits as pets? either in roof in open space or in the cage? Please explain. Jazakallah Khair.
  244. What should i do when i listen to a lecture or someone is saying "Sollallaahu 'alayihi wasallam" and i am in the restroom at that time? SHould i say it in the restroom in the restroom in my heart or say it after coming from.
  245. What is the ruling of wearing a garland of flowers(The garlanding is a long string on which there are roses and flowers that is worn around the neck.)
  246. If one lives in a western country, where most of the people living on the streets are non-muslims, is it okay to feed them? Would we get the same reward as feeding a muslim?
  247. Killing salamanders by hand
  248. Whenver i do a good deed , or like before i will pray salat , what should my intention be , i heard you get the reward depending on your intention..
  249. Whenver i do a good deed , or like before i will pray salat , what should my intention be , i heard you get the reward depending on your intention..
  250. I have a question...Is it a sin to talk about people/issues in the news and media? for example, "this political leader does this" and "this football player is rubbish" etc?
  251. Are there any advantages of attending Rouwdah, in Masjid-E-Nabawy. As in your Q/A session I read Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. cannot listen us. Kindly inform. and what to read when we attend Rouwdah?
  252. Is it lawful to give gifts to non muslim aqcuaintance?
  253. What is the hukum on whistling? And is it forbidden to whistle to get other people's attention?
  254. One of our sister vowed (Nazr) that if something which she wishes happens she will read 41 times Surah Qaf. Is it necessary for her to complete it, or should she refrain from it?
  255. Sheik, can we trim tamed birds' wing so that they can roam in the house without flying away. most tamed birds who fly away do not survive long in nature
  256. Recently I had a Muslim greet me with "Qadir alaykum salaam". Is this greeting from the Qur'an and/or Sunnah?
  257. Ruling on standing up to welcome a newcomer
  258. Sheikh i know one brother of mine who told me that he ask Allaah for trials in order to overcome them and have a great reward is it permissible? Also sheikh should I tell him about manhaj Salafiyyaah? If yes what is it that the Salafiyyah is the right pat
  259. When someone says jazakAllah khayr, is it sunnah to reply baarak Allaah feek for male and baarakAllaah feeki for female or is it sunnah to reply wa iyaak for male and wa iyaaki for female? or sunnah in both cases?
  260. Some people type "iA" meaning in sha Allaah. I think they're shortening the English transliteration of the name of Allah to "A". Is this permissible?
  261. Can we make the intention of doing certain good deeds lyk offering nawafil salah or fasting for some days if our some important work is done? Did the prophet or his companions do it.
  262. There often come some moments in life where the verses of The Noble Qur'an seem so relevant and appealing, as if they are there to accompany an Abdullah through that time frame
  263. Sheikh as we know before eating and drinking we should say bismillah but when we going to drinking water while eating should we say bismillah again before drinking or there is no need to say it again as we say bismillah before eating?
  264. In my days when I was not on the deen and backbited people, does that mean asking forgiveness from Allah now is sufficient? and that I do not need to go to the people to ask them for forgiveness? I'm I right sheikh?
  265. Sheikh for example sometimes i am full. and something tasty is in front of me but i really want to eat it... will this be considered extravaggance ?
  266. I am a student who loves science.my question is ,will i be sinning if i like kaafir scientists such as issac newton,einstein etc. and if i am amazed by their discoveries and their intelligence?
  267. I would to know is it permissible to take a gift on the occasion of haqiqa of my daughter.somebody had said it is permissible and it will not be valid
  268. Is there anything in islam to perform when one shifts to a new home.pls enlighten with the etiquettes of shifting to a newly constructed home
  269. I wanted to know about the ruling of bidding on ebay to buy something?
  270. Are we allowed to wish some one happy birthday , although we dont celebrate it
  271. In our country the some MP's involve in lot of corruption. Is it allowed to talk about their corruption, allegation and oppression among the friends circle? Does it have any chance to fall into sins?
  272. I have a question which has bothered so much. Is piracy haraam?
  273. How Muslim Male Tailor can take messsurment for the ladies customer If some one helping (ladies for him) even is it allowed to know the body size of ladies ?
  274. Sheikh .if we are selling product to a kaafir then can we appreciate his things in order to impress him so that he may buy our product,the appreciation is true but just to impress him
  275. If for example we talk about a specific sect for example tablighi jamat and say they talk about FAZAIL AMAAL only will this be backbiting..
  276. If a person lies on a social forum, like facebook. And you are absolutely certain about it. But already hundreds of people have bought the lie, by liking sharing and commenting.
  277. Sometime when i chat with people they dont say "assalamu alaikum" to me, rather they say "salaams".is it obligatory for me to reply " wa alaikum salam" if they say so?
  278. Shaikh a famous shaikh and economist on the internet who has many listeners says that the salafis are not entirely following the salaf because they use paper money, the salaf never used paper money.
  279. Alhamdulillah we have conferences online for roumanian ladies about "Asma Allah al-husna". unfortunelly not all the ladies can be present in the time we do it, so they are asking for the audio recording of conference.
  280. Non-Muslim teacher and colleagues in class have insulted Allah and Islam.What should I do?
  281. Is it forbidden for a muslim youth to look at another muslim youth who is bearded and think that he is handsom?
  282. Is it bidah to say Bismillah -mashaAllah when you see something nice?
  283. If a muslim happen to be with a non-muslim colleague during a shopping and helped him to put his non-Halal meat to put in the shopping bag
  284. What is wrong in dyeing the hair with black colour?
  285. I having been writing my class notes in a note book.i recently realized that in the front cover of the book there is a shirk verse printed saying "... worship your parents"
  286. Can i ask Allah to take my soul on friday when its time for my death?
  287. A teenage revert living in non muslim country, he is the only muslim in school.
  288. The question is if a person ask me to learn and tell about islamic rules what i have to do, because the person who asked me is not muslim is christian.Thank you for spending time reading and answering at my question.
  289. There are a lot of imposters in disguise of beggars in my part of the world. Infact, there is a whole mafia industry inwhich people beg and collect the money as a profession
  290. There are a lot of imposters in disguise of beggars in my part of the world. Infact, there is a whole mafia industry inwhich people beg and collect the money as a profession
  291. Sheikh i get too many thoughts in my mind. too many negative and I HATE THIS but it still comes. i dont utter it and i dont act upon it.. will i still be sinful?
  292. A person is living in U.A.E. According to the law of government if a person do not have the medical insurance card of the company, his/her medical treatment, X-ray, ultra sound, delivery etc
  293. I go to a mixed college with males and females, and I want to drop out so I can work and get married, but my parents are saying stay in college and get married after and if i drop out I will have a bad job in the future. What do you think I should do?
  294. Whenever i want to do a good deed or , do dhikr for example , what is the right intention to have ? what must my intention be , so i will get rewarded?
  295. In my day of jahiliyya I committed sins and called others to do sins. I've repented and stop mixing with those friends. Will I be still accumulating sins if they continue those sins? How can I come out from this kind of sins?
  296. Sheikh i heard that if you pray swalatul istikhara and you asked ALLAH for you to travel to a non- muslim country your prayer will not be accepted
  297. Do you recommend reading Imam Al Ghazali books, named "The Aims of the Philosophers"? Can this book add value for my understanding of Islam one level ahead?
  298. What is the correct opinion if the Quraan falls UNINTENTIONALLY from anywhere?
  299. Will one be punished for accidentally touching a strange female.these days females communicate more often by physical contact[not sexually intended].how to avoid this situation?
  300. Sheikh,I would like to know that if a girl whose nikkah has been done but shes living with her parents for a certain period before the consumation of marriage,whom is she obliged to obey,her husband or parents
  301. Can i work as computer engineere i might answer calls to solve the problems. please note i dont know what the customer might do in their computer whether halal or haram is my work permissible?
  302. My mother is currently not married and she gets rides to work by non mahrams. How can I talk to her in a respectable way?
  303. Can we send salaam to the Prophet(sallallaahu alayhi wassalam) in the Friday khutbah?
  304. When bidding goodbye, we say 'Allahafiz'. Is that right? What did the Prophet used to say? And what is its meaning?
  305. I would like to know your opinion based from the Quran and hadiths if having a menhdi which is traditional in pakistani/indian cultures, is haram?
  306. Whilst I give some gift or food to my well off friends, can I make a intention of charity from it and expect reward from Allaah(saw)?
  307. My husband owns a pest control business. He kills almost all types of insects and rodents. He uses chemicals and gels to kill it. He does not burn any insects with fire as I read in a hadith that we must not burn animals.
  308. Can I work in a Tax Department, which deals with Tax payments.
  309. I was listening to a show(podcast) on technology during which one of the presenters cursed Prophet Jesus.Since then I have left listening to the show.I want to know whether I did the right thing and is there anything more that I should do?
  310. If someone waves their hand at another person does that make them a non muslim cos they imitated the non muslims?
  311. Whats can i do to to some thing for allah ssake allah says serve this deen .i cant remember it much but i want to ask what can i do i dont want to do bad things i thought of cleaning the mosque what more can i do to serve the might allah deen .
  312. Sheikh is it allowed to sell water purifiers for driniking water to banks as this is not related to their business?
  313. For months my electricity company will send me wrong overcharged bills. I contacted them many times but they would not fix my bills.
  314. Can i use the word to calm my self in the time of anger that i am a calm person inshaAllah? i heard that if we use "i am" it will give message to our nerve system and will be easier for us to control the behavior inshaAllah.
  315. Are men allowed to straighten their hair using a hair straightener?
  316. Early morning when i pray tahajjud i get sneezing a lot.i cant stop.is it allowed to use cleanex or some cloth to clean the nose during salah?? from very beginning i have this problem. continuous sneezing invalidates my salah?
  317. Should we cover the empty plates and cups and glasses at night?
  318. Yesterday night i forget few wafers on a plate without covering it.What should I do now with them?As we know that we are instructed to cover the plates during the night?
  319. I heard that we cannot remember ALLAH in bathroom or toilet. But if some one have pain while sitting for toilet, to whom we call for getting out of pain? can we call ALLAH?
  320. I have a friend and i need to get his class note book.just in case his sir tell him not to share his notes with me is it haraam for me to ask his notes? please note that the sir is being paid monthly for teaching.
  321. Is it permissible to make money by posting about Islam or by the name of religion?
  322. Is it allowed to kiss the feet of my mother while she is standing or when lying on bed.is it a sunnah??or is it considered as a sin??
  323. Can we give charity on behalf of the dead for increasing their reward? Is that permissible? Will it benefit the dead? please explain , and give hadith reference
  324. When is the time for reciting Soorat al-Kahf on Friday?
  325. As you probably already know, there is a reward for reading Surat Al-Kahf every Friday. What I would like to know is if it has to be read all at once for the reward to count or can it be read in parts?
  326. I know that prostration to anyone other than Allah is shirk no matter what the intention.but what if someone prostrates on the floor with the intention of being at rest and not with the intention of worshiping anyone.will that concidered shirk too?
  327. I am going to a school rum by kaafirs.there are buddhist priests in the school and whenever one of hem enters the class we have to stand up in order to show respect
  328. I have a bad temper, if I was mad or upset, I have moved away from the situation, when I was standing I would sit down, when I were sitting I would lie down
  329. I know if anyone wants to swear, he / she should swear in the name of Allah only. Many people, specially in Arab countries say “WALLAHI”. Is it not a sin because swearing in the name of Allah again and again is a sin?
  330. I have heard from so many people that during prayer one sneezes then she/he shouldnt say Alhumdulilah.Is this true?
  331. Can sadaqah be given to people who beg in the street, forcing people to give money or something?
  332. I want to know whats the ruling if one has to delay shaving by 4-5 days after the 39 days, due to some problem or jouney etc.
  333. I have a toddler whom i was/am trying to potty train. I used to tell him if you go to washroom then i will give you a chocolate (and i would when he would). I would do this in order to encourage but but is this a sort of bribe?
  334. Fatwa from the Standing Committee on the “Business and “Hibbat al-Jazeerah” companies and pyramid marketing schemes
  335. Can we name our baby as SAAJIYA ساجية
  336. Is it permissible for a husband and wife sleep in a duvet cover which material is made of ‘mixed’ silk? (not real silk) Specifically for the husband?
  337. Is it ok if i avoid reciting the quran loudly in public places because i fear that the kaafirs may make fun of islam and mock islam?
  338. I live in England, is it permissible to use an islamic account that bears no interest in a conventional bank for example HSBC Amanah or LLoyds Shariah Account?
  339. I am an Muslim immigrant living in the US. Every year the immigration service has a worldwide lottery in which you have to apply by entering your information( you do not pay for it), and they pick a number applicants and give them the green card.
  340. Sheikh, is it halal to work for the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah? I have asked different people but i am not sure if they deal with ribah.
  341. Shaykh we know the fact that we SHOULD NOT take back a gift once we have given that to a person as there is a hadeeth about it as far as I remember
  342. Can you please tell me weather the following sayings will make a muslim a kaafir? 1.saying "i wish ALLAH had made me a prophet/messenger" 2.i wish i had been one of the companions of the prophet.
  343. Shaykh, if a man is living in a non-muslim contry and is the only son living with his parents. And he does not desire that anyone else do any job, rather he has left his education so that he may be able to financial provide his old parents
  344. How can we refute the claim of muqqalids that none of the present day scholars (not even Shaykh Uthaymeen, Shayk Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Albaani) due to their lack of sufficient knowledge, are not fit to be called mujtahids and therefore should not try to derive
  345. I wanted to know if it is permissible to use the following words in a wedding card. "To honour and bless the newlyweds on the reception of.." I'm not sure now because of the 'bless the newlyweds' part.
  346. I have a habit of breaking my knuckles from time to time. But my grandmother says breaking knuckles at night time is inauspicious. Is there any basis for this?
  347. Can we build house on a grave or stay in a house which is built on graveyard?
  348. During congregation salaah if my cell phones rings what should I do? In case of taking the phone out from pocket and turn it off does it have any affect on salaah in terms of haraam and makrooh?
  349. I am working as a waiter for the women's (only women's not men ) , in parties , marriages, and functions, so there is songs and dance , but I am not interested in that , I am just concentrating on my work , Is it haram for Me ?
  350. I came across few websites , that are making surevey on behalf of the companies or industries who lanuches new consumer product or enhance the existing product
  351. I want to get married to a spouse that i choose but my mother and father have warned me that if i don't choose a spouse from their ethnic background they would not let the future wife in the house. what should i do?
  352. My parents want me to become an enjineer.but i want to study islam and become an aalim(scholar).should i obey my parents?
  353. My parents are semi practising muslim and at many places I have to help them.I do not go to the parties they go but like taking out the vehicle or bringing the driver then am I transgressing and if I avoid that then there is a big tension at home always.
  354. Sheikh, is there anything such as a wife gives up her rights over her husband who is having difficulty in treating the wives fairly, if she can bear it? if so, does it have to be in writing or she can take an oath between Allah, and herself.
  355. My mom says cant learn the meaning of the surah as she unable to remember them so if she just reads them will she be getting the reward for it?
  356. If I dont want to serve any non Muslim company as it may leads to some of my relegious obligations to leave but at the same time I want a job desparately , what should I do?
  357. I have a christian filipino maid in my house..wanted to ask two questions...firstly, are we allowed to keep a non-muslim maid in the house and secondly, should i make her cover her head in front of my husband since she is a christian? jazakAllah
  358. If a person's job is to be an imam how do they earn a salary?
  359. I know that Friday has many virtues. Could you tell me some acts of worship that I can do on this day?.
  360. Is it permissible to use software etc that is i get it from other people who share the software key in internet
  361. I have cats since they were born but now no they have become adult and i am unable to maintain them so can i leave them on roads?
  362. During recruitment should I give priority a muslim over non muslim if it happens to be my company? Is there any other advice that you like to give us regarding this matter?
  363. When I fast on mondays and thursdays, sometimes my friends are there and are like lets have lunch so at this point can I lie that I ate inorder to keep my good deed a secret. Secondly People somtimes ask what have you done for Islam,
  364. I take care of my sister's kids and sometimes, when I see them doing something inappropriate, I say "By God if you do that I will hit you." I swear an oath in order to scare them and make realize that I am serious
  365. When fasting for kafaarat al-yameen (expiation for breaking an oath), do the three days have to be consecutive?.
  366. Is it permissable for a muSlim woman to do LAPROSCOPIC VAGINAL HYSTERECTOMY from a male muslim doctor when there is no female doctor in her city to do it.
  367. Is nationalism haram in islam?what can i tell my father about it? will Allah punish him if he say that only pakistani's no other nationality? he also says no problem deen after marriage what is the solution for this?
  368. I have heard and read that nationalism,secularism are forms of shirk?.Can you explain?
  369. It is correct to give salams when I enter my home even if it is empty.
  370. My question is are women allowed to visit graves or Visiting graves is only for men‏?
  371. Sheikh an islamic da'ee once said that if we say the dua for going into the toilet, then Allah will make us be invisible to the shayateen in the toilet? is it true?
  372. Accepting a gift from a kaafir on the day of his festival
  373. Is it permissible to wear pendants with Allah's names or ayats inscribed on them & Can I wear them 2 the toilet?
  374. What is the ruling on islamic cartoons and other islamic documentary films?
  375. Is it permissible to take the Jews and Christians are friends in modern times?
  376. I know we have to exhort others to good,forbid evil and enjoin the good, but there are those who in their arrogance don't take too well too advice from certain people
  377. Ruling on wearing coloured contact lenses for men
  378. I am a lecturer. My question - in my college there are many muslim girls studying when I see them in campus walking to the opposite side of me I put my face down and cross them they find it as a fun and start laughing, Now in islam the way I behave.....
  379. Is there a dua for looking at the mirror,if so can u send the dua?
  380. Advice for a young men growing up in the west surrounded by temptations everywhere. Could this be the time where the prophet SWS said holding onto the deen will be as if holding onto a pot of hot iron.
  381. Should we say Bismillah before drinking Zam Zam and Alhamdulillah after we drink. Is this from the prophet (SAW's) sunnah or is it Bidah.
  382. Can we use the word "Holy" for calling the Quran, Prophet (Sallallahu aalaihi wasallam) and Ramadaan like - Holy Quran, Holy Prophet, Holy Month etc. ? I heard that Muslims started using this word looking at how Christians call Bible.
  383. I have some non-Muslim family members that insult Allah and my religion. What is the right balance between keeping in contact with my family and doing al wara wal bara with them?
  384. If we give sadaqah on behalf of the deceased person will it benefit him/her?
  385. Does one have to drink Zamzam water while standing facing the Qiblah?
  386. I wanted to ask that what should we do with the books and smalll pieces of papers having allah's name or any quranic ayah on them???can we rub it with a pen or liquid n throw it???
  387. Im a new muslim and i need some help .I would like to know your oppion so my husbands family does not treat me well at all especialy my mother in law..she is treating me very bad .What can i do?
  388. I am a lecturer. My question is, in my college there are many muslim girls studying. When I see them in campus walking to the opposite side of me I put my face down and cross them. They find it as a fun and start laughing.
  389. In the case that I know abouth a person that abuses the religion and tries to gain financial and material profit from the comuniti should I worn the comuniti abouth him?
  390. One of my neighbours told me last evening at the Maghrib adhan time while we were sitting in the garden, let's go in the house since the devils are spreading at this time, take the children and let's go inside for a while. Is this from sunnah? ...
  391. Can we shave or cut nails and dispose both of these in the state of janabah or nifaz. or should we keep it until we purify ourselves by ghusl or when post partm bleeding stops.jazakallah khair
  392. I say Salam to anyone who I think may be a Muslim most of the time they are muslim but sometimes they might not be.
  393. My question realted to books & videos & audio, but then i saw another on answer on your website saying - if they have put sound effects - should respect (which many do- even graphics- on youtube).
  394. My question realted to books & videos & audio, but then i saw another on answer on your website saying - if they have put sound effects - should respect (which many do- even graphics- on youtube).
  395. Is it permissible to look outside your window,or stand on the landing outside your door and just look out due to boredom or just for the sake of it, i mean does it come under lowering ones gaze
  396. Is it true that Saudie Arabie had made a mistake by telling that 30august was eid el fitr?
  397. I just want to know chatting on facebook with na mahram or any other website is it allowed in islam. Please clarify. And if it for sake of allah i mean to learn about islam then what are the conditions. If they stay in two different countries.
  398. I am a revert muslim I would like to know is it allowed for me to wash and bathe my mother in law who is not able to walk and become old?
  399. Ruling on buying copied computer programs
  400. These days some people are migrating to Canada. They are Indians. They say that immigrating to Canada is better than going back and settle down in India because in Canada you find people of the book (Christians) and in India you will find Hindus and other
  401. Is it allowed for a woman to pray to Allah to give her someone (she knows) as a husband, not because of her desires but she wants to learn from him, as he has a lot of knowledge and that she will feel comfortable learning this way.
  402. If a lady tells her husband about her good deeds or if the husband tells his wife about his... is this a form of riyaa?
  403. I heard that Eid Salaah has to be performed in Eidgah and not in Masjid or Home. In case we r unable to go to eidgah as we have to travel far like 1hr plus travel in the early morning and so can we pray in masjid or in Home?
  404. I am a brother in my teens ... now the thing is the days I miss fajr in the morning ... or miss my islamic classes due to oversleeping ... I feel very bad when I wake up. I woke up for fajr, but went back to sleep.
  405. Is it allowed to wear dress and shoes having logo of nike or puma
  406. I m converted to Islam and people her can tell I am not from here. As a result I get a lot of beggars, both male and female asking me for money. I am not sure as to what I should do in this case.
  407. Is backbiting non muslims haram and wen is backbiting allowed?
  408. I would like a detailed answer on the ruling on a man shaking hands with a woman, and the views of the four imams and the majority of scholars on that
  409. Normally when we discuss about our brothers or sisters to know how they are and what they are doing,say general family matters discussion,does this fall under backbiting?
  410. Is it permissible to wash dead bodies (of kuffar) for money as a student in a hospital?
  411. We are Cat lovers and my wife and I already have one Cat gifted to us by one of her friend several years ago
  412. Can a muslim enter to church?
  413. There is something in islam called istishara(not istikhara)?
  414. Is it permissible for a blind old man, who has no one to look after, to keep a dog for security and company?
  415. It is from the sunnah to say after every meeting :Subhanaka Subhanak-Allahumma wa bi-hamdika astaghfiruka wa atubu ilaika.Even after visiting a friend?
  416. Is there a hadith that prhibits pple frm eatin using a spoon?
  417. Is it okey if a muslim swears by the qur'an or any surah like surah yasin?
  418. Under what condition/circumtance is a heir allowed to perform on behalf of a deceased parent(s) acts of ibadah-like hajj,sawm,nadr(vow)?
  419. Sheikh, I want all my friends to delete all my pictures that they have.. how do i convince them?
  420. I wanted to ask wether it is allowed to show a male a picture of a girl that does not wear hijab anyway for some reason?
  421. I m teacher we have students from all religions -hindus,christians and muslims.my students are celebrating christmas these days.what should i do pls advice as i cannot abandon them midway?
  422. If i find a spider in the bathroom, can i get my mum and dad to kill it??? especially because i, my sister, and my small brother are quite afraid of insects like these, that are sort of big.
  423. Is there any diffrnce between tawbah and istighfar? If so, what is it? Also, what can one do when evil thoughts cross our minds? JazakumAllahu khairan
  424. Please explain how can a cellphone become halaal for muslims when the salaf never used it and its also not found in the Quraan & Sunnah.
  425. Are we allowed to boil zam zam water?
  426. A person gets two hours of free time. He has two options 1. Reciting the quran 2. Watching programs on Huda or Peace TV. Which action will earn more reward.
  427. A person was looking to buy an American car, but some people advised against that.
  428. Is it permissible for the khateeb to have a bottle of water next to him while he's giving the khutbah, in case he needs to clear his throat, and if he can't do that while he's giving the khutbah, can he do it in the sitting between the 2 khutbas
  429. Can we celebrate birthdays in islam?
  430. Thinking or fantasising about sexual thoughts which will get you aroused, if someone does this will the sin of sex before marriage be written for them?
  431. Can we give sadkha and khairat to our close relatives ?
  432. You know muslims (especially women to women) meet with THREE hugs so what does it mean to meet with TWO? Isn't this European way or is it permissable?
  433. Im sure the sheikh has herd that some scholars said may allah be pleased with him after mentioning Yazeed....did they do wrong?
  434. Do we have to shave the hair from the bum?
  435. Can muslims celebrate Valentine's day?
  436. Shaikh I want to know that some people say that your feet's face should not be toward Ka'ba. Please tell me is it true in the eye of Islam,?
  437. Can we say to non-Muslims ''Assalam-u-Alekum''?
  438. Those who follow a particular opinion they cannot force others or try to convince others to follow his/her particular opinion since that issue is a controversy.
  439. In honor of my brothers and sisters who's lives has been affected by breast cancer, I wore a pink hajib. I am a recent revert, and it was my first time at work to wear hajib. You think sheikh, that this is OK?
  440. I've always suffered from lack of self-confidence and this has affected me in almost everything I do since childhood. Many times I'm afraid to start something because I fear I may not be able to cope or finish even though I may have the potential.
  441. Is it permissable to call your mother in law by the name mummy or mum?
  442. Is it permissable to meet your mother in law by hugging her and shaking hands with her?
  443. I have a friend and he always contradict me and I decide to learn more about islam but I m afraid that my intention is to know more just to contradict him.I do refresh my mind and I purify my intention
  444. A sister is asking most people use umm Ahmad, umm Rana , such name, but Prophet Mohammed is most time been addressed in his name instead of Abu Qasim ,and khadijah his wife is not addressed as Umm Qasim in most case ,is this sunnah? and why?
  445. Salaam, I know a person who has been going through difficult times he just found out that his step-father has been watching haram videos
  446. What is the hadith regarding some rights of one muslim over the other, what are those rights? 1)visiting the sick 2)attending funeral 3)accepting invitation what else?
  447. Some people are of the opinion your feet shouldn't face the quran or be raised above it, is this correct?
  448. If we invite a couple to our home for a dinner, do the men and women have to eat in separate areas of the home? It is not a party, just one couple we would like to invite over
  449. I have some of my bathroom toilets in my house alligned in such away that one faces qiblah when using the facility.
  450. Is it permissible for me to lie on the same bed with my mother while sleeping at night?
  451. I wanted to ask i am a student in Canada, Toronto a high school student. Every morning when i go to school i have to stand up for the national anthem is this something i have to do as a Muslim or can i tell that i am not allowed to do this in my religion.
  452. Is it recommended for a woman who does't go to jummah to do sunnah ghusl ?
  453. Can we drink from bottle?Or we must have all the time with us when we go out a cup?
  454. Am I allowed to pray together with my boss? I am working as dental assistent, for a dentist man.
  455. I live with my mother in one city, but we have a second flat elsewhere. Usually I wake up for qiamul layl, but in the time my mother is away, I'm scared of lonelyness...so I only wake up for Fadjr,this its happen 4 times on week
  456. I wanted to ask the permissibility of adding to your name for example if my birth name is hafsa ahmed , is it within my islamic right to add to my name to beautify it more for my own pleasure for example hafsa leyla ahmed.
  457. Is it permissible to drink in one breath?
  458. I am 32 weeks pregnant. Me and my husband decided on naming our baby Maymana. I would like to ask if its ok to name my daughter. We searched on the name and it means right, right side of an army. Can I use this name? Is it a name of Paradise?
  459. Could you please tell me the meaning of the name Alina in arabic and if this name is permissible?
  460. During this vacation I am planning to go to a hill station with my family for a week to relax and enjoy. Is it all right to go.
  461. I'd like to know, there are beggars who stay outside the Masjid while the Salah is going on they don't pray with us so is it permissible to give them money after the Salah is over.
  462. I got a question regarding talkin in a bathroom....i've heard we shouldn't do that while taking a bath or when not dressed properly.......otherwise the angels curse us but what about certain situations e.g my sister or mom asks to check if their clip,
  463. Some people say its not right to wash your hands in the dish you ate your food as it washes the barakah away,is it right?
  464. The prophet salallahu alahi wa sallam forbade any man to sleep alone{Ahmad al Musnad 2/91} Is this case apply for woomen too?
  465. Do I get more reward from Allah SWT for helping a needy muslim than a christian? Or the is reward the same or even non existence with a christian? Thanks
  466. Hugging and shaking hands on eid ul fitr is it Bidah?
  467. I have heard from so many people that during prayer one sneezes then she/he shouldnt say Alhumdulilah can u provide me with some reference
  468. I saw a show about "the danger of the tongue" in which you said that is not permisible to label pleople... Does this count as gossip? If they label themselves, can we warn pleople against them?
  469. Is it permissible for a muslim man to jump out of a plane with an experienced instructor attached behind for the sake of charity cause?
  470. Is it permissible to wish the family members on their birthday???
  471. Is is permissible to say nasheed (just vocals) for the country? And how far this is good for today's youth to give an alternate of Music in the form of Nasheed?
  472. Is it alright to put the name for my kid Amir Hakeem instead of Amirul?
  473. Can i make statues with flat faces i men with no face?
  474. Is there any sunnah regarding first entry into a new house, should entry coincide with 2rakah nawafil prayer or something like that?
  475. Is there any importance for direction for houses eg:like the front door should face the qibla or not etc
  476. Can we put names for our homes?is this allowed in islam?
  477. For a while now I'm not taking my hijab off when I visit my female muslims friends