Q & A - Marriage Contract

  1. Who Killed Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassalam? If we believe that those who are dead are in graves, how did Muhammad lead them (the prophets who are dead)in SALAH during Isra and Miraj?
  2. Can a girl reject a righteous boy because he is a smoker? He has no other bad habits except smoking ciggrettes about which he says that he will stop smoking after marriage.
  3. I took khula 2years back. Now my ex husband wants me be back when I'm willing to get back as we truly love each and realized this in two years of gap. But the problem is he wants me to follow his way of life by which what he meant is to follow ...
  4. Shaikh how can i prepare contract for marriege what should be there.
  5. The girl I am planning to marry believes that Allaah is everywhere and His hands/feet actually refer to His power. This is an Ashari aqeedah. Is it permissible to marry such a girl?
  6. A lady was impregnation by her fiancee and instead of wait after to give birth then do istibra'i, they got married and 2 months later, she gave birth and then decided to do the istibra'i and continue leaving as husband and wife. What is the Islamic ruling
  7. I am a health professional, I have no marriage proposals, very much difficulty in marriage, my parents are much worried regarding this too. Me & my family is very upset. Please guide me,
  8. If a muslim marries a non-muslim, not ahle kitaab but hindu. Will his marriage count? And everytime he has sex with her even after an official marriage contract it will be considered doing zina with that non-muslim woman.
  9. Sheikh,I heard that a girl can keep a condition in the nikkah contract that she can ask for divorce,What if she didnt use it then,can she ask for the same condition after the contract is done.
  10. When mahr should be given to bride?
  11. I am originally from America but I am in Egypt now studying Arabic in a University. I am almost 20 years old and would like to get married, but people tell me I should finish my university first or wait until I get older and more mature.............
  12. I want to ask you about the marriage without a legal form, I mean when the wali of the woman and two witnesses and also the admition of her are completed and present but without writing the act of marriage. Is this marriage acceptable?
  13. My parents are getting me married, the brother is islamic, but I don't think he knows the details of Aqeedah. I found out he supports the democracy leaders and he also makes fun of Dengue in Pakistan. Isn't it wronga? Can I go ahead and marry this person?
  14. It's being almost 8 years to my marriage, but what bothers me frequently is my nikah (marrige acceptence) is being done over the phone.
  15. Is that waleema (waleema - sunnah feast after marriage) shall be given only after physical relation between bride and groom or esle it cant be given?