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  1. My query is about cream of tartar - can Muslims eat baked goods which has this?
  2. Kindly clarify me these 2 Ayah. In first Ayah Allah says you are equal to 10 and in next Ayah to it Allah says you are double to them. ...
  3. If a pious muslim woman is murdered, is she considered as a shaheed?
  4. Is it true our souls leave our body while we are sleeping?
  5. I made a promise to an Islamic organization to donate certain amount of money. Alhamdulillah, with the blessings of Allah I was able to donate 1/5th of the money last year but after that I've been unable to complete the rest...
  6. I understand that good deeds will be rewarded with 10-700 hassanat and sins will be written only as one bad deed on the scale of a person. ...
  7. They say that Global warming can wipe out life except for fishes and we know that is not true in Islam because what will wipe out human race is the blowing of the trumpet. What is the Concept of Global Warming in Islam?
  8. What is the sunnah for drinking zam zam water? Is it like ordinary water or something different?
  9. If anybody teaches accounting to students where he/she has to teach them about the term interest, but most of the teachings are based on profit and loss. Is it sin to teach about this term as it is in the text book and is this income haraam?
  10. I have a question regarding attending graduating ceremony. I studied in a girls medical college in Dubai . And my graduation ceremony is going to be held next month InShaAllah. I would like to know if it's permissible for me to attend this event and what
  11. I have plane to start manpower business, but still i can't take the final decision because if i start this business, i should give some money / percentage/ a part of my profit to the client's representative or site engineer or procurement officer
  12. Is it permissible in islam to carry out a sucide bombing in public places like parks or event where innocent human being are present?
  13. How long a wife has to wait when her husband disappeared? And she does not know whether he is alive or not.
  14. Is it part of the sunna to organize walimah as part of the aqeeqa?
  15. What is the ruling about quoting Quran to have hinted about scientific facts? I just want to know the opinion of ibn baaz, al albani and ibn uthaymeen. I heard some sects claiming that it should not be quoted as it is against the salaf interpretation.
  16. What can a person do to help a spouse who is afflicted by sihr/possession but are separated and as a result cannot directly do ruqya upon them?
  17. I usually find it difficult to sleep on my right side..I wanted to know if this is narrated by Imam Shafi' : Imam Shafi (may Allah have mercy upon him) states that there are four types of sleep; 1. One is to lie on the back this is the sleep...........
  18. Is it true that on earth 7 people are present wid the same face ?
  19. It is not permissible for a dealer to sell auto parts that he does not have in his shop, because that comes under the heading of selling what one does not own and does not have in one’s possession
  20. I just want to know the islamic perspective on conspiracy theories and things like the illuminati?
  21. What do scholars say about dinosaur fossils?
  22. Regarding Citizenships
  23. I wanted to know, that  Allah has blessed us with so much, how are we ever going to be grateful for  it?
  24. Can you please tell me about yusuf al qaradawi . What about his fatwas ? Should we follow these ? What is wrong with yusuf al qaradawi ?
  25. If a child was born before marriage to muslim parents who got  married after they realised the woman was pregnant.,then the child was born  a boy and now that child is 33years...
  26. I want to know if a couple names their child a non muslim name is that ok in islam or does that person have to change their name after they have reached the age of puberty.
  27. A young boy named Luke (name from bible) wants to embrace Islâm; he read the  fatwâ on islamQA but he still does not know if he should change the name or not.  Please clarify.
  28. I have a huge box of wipes at home and I contacted the company. They said the  wipes and the solution did not contain any animal by products...
  29. I want to ask you whether are you managing you facebook account yourself ?
  30. What constitutes as an oath that if ones breaks must pay expiation?
  31. If someone says “I swear by Allah you have to do something” – though it is not haram do you have to do it?
  32. If a member of a family intends to offer a sacrificial animal then is the  ruling of not cutting hair falls on the other family members too or only for  the person who has intended to slaughter an animal?
  33. Is there a book from among the Ashaaris on their aqeedah so that I can use it as a proof against the Jamaat at tableegh as a sister is giving me a tough time saying that their aqeedah is based upon the alhlussunnah.
  34. I heard that Saudi Arabian people will have less torment of grave/Hellfire because Prophet Muhammad sallaAllahu alayhi wassalam was born in Arabia and Muslims outside of Saudia Arabia will receive 4...
  35. I read on Islam QA that Muslims can't go to mixed universities. My sister said that they may have been referring to Muslim countries only, because here in the West all universities are mixed and none of them are "female only" or "male only"....
  36. Is it allowed in Islam to castrate animals such as cat in Islam?
  37. My uncle has a chicken poltry farm. A desease has caught them and the chicken are dying because of it. Whole of the industry is at stake and 1500 chicken are dying daily. The only cure is to provide them with alchohol. Is it permissible?
  38. My grandfather purchased a house with money which included loan taken from a bank which deals with Riba. What is the ruling on its inheritance ?
  39. Sir, Pls I want to know why was sh ali jabir removed from haram?
  40. Sheikh i wanted to inquire are imam kaba sheikh shuraim , sudais also salafi ?
  41. Sheikh last before Thursday we went to Madina. There are lady scholars in Masjid E Nabwy appointed by government said to my wife that women can wear 10 rings.
  42. You know how Allah doesn't like the extravagent? well is it extravagent to eat sweet and nice things?like cakes, chocolate etc. is this classed as being extravegent? and what is the proper defintion of extravegent?
  43. if any one come during eating time (lunch or dinner) is it allowed to say salam? ppl r saying not permissible to say salam when we eat food
  44. If a preacher of Islam wants to preach people in such places where they do not even let him enter or sometimes don't wanna talk to someone with beard or wearing islamic clothes, Is it permissible for him to adapt their appearance and clothing in order to
  45. I would like to ask Shaikh that is this picture of water molecules of ZAMZAM is authentic or not,,
  46. In saudi, Why are the bank accounts of expatriates frozen when the iqama is near expiry? Is this allowed islamically? Is this not oppression, harassment? What should the expatriates do as all their earned money kept in banks is frozen till renewal
  47. In Islam, what is the exact time for a new day to begin?i.e. at what instant should the Hijri date be changed?
  48. Sheikh if some one curses Allah and disrespect our prophet . Eg on the road randomly some starts to say it to your face .. What do we do? Do we get out and defend or do we ignore
  49. Can using pork in making fertilizers is halaal?
  50. There is somethig unsual going on in Nigeria now. A boy was alleged to have been born with the Holy Qur'an tied to one of his hands. It was reported in one of the newspapers.
  51. If I made an oath not to do something and then I do it three times, do I expiate once or three times?
  52. Is the earning of Muslim film stars / movie stars (those who work in Hollywood and Bollywood movies) "Halaal" / permissible in Islam?
  53. I wanted to ask you about the book kitab at tauhid by Muhammad bin Abdul wahab. How authentic is this book?
  54. We know that it is advisable to remember the death of Rasool Allaah(saw) if any calamity befall on us, as it is consider the biggest calamity. My question is how to thought and what to think about the death of RasoolAllaah's(saw)as was a great loss
  55. someone told me that the reason khalid bin waleed (ra) did not die on battlefield is because he was the sword of allah so he could not have been defeated by a kaafir. who made this statement and is this statement from authentic source or reasoning?
  56. is it permissible for a Muslima to be an activist in conjuction with Non-Muslim activists to solve oppression and social problems / chaos faced by Non-Muslim Non-Islamic societies?
  57. Sheikh, where did you get all this knowledge from? If its a institute plz tell me which institue and what did you study in that institute? because in your bio it says you got high diploma from um ul qura and thats very basic...Or did you studied on your o
  58. I go to a school and it takes me about an hour to reach it and another hour from school back home.I hardly get time to study about Islam and most of time is wasted in travel.
  59. I quit giving daawaah to ignorant and disbeliever, because i have a friend and he always says that Islam is so extreme and i don't want to know about islam, so yesterday i had enough with him, and he mocked Prophet Muhamed (saaw)
  60. One scholar was saying that there belief and aqeeda is that Abdul mutalib was a Muslim. What does the Quran and sunnah say regarding this?
  61. Some enemies of Islam made a facebook link against ALLAH and his messenger Muhammad salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam. What should we do as Muslims to ban or close these type of websites?
  62. I have cats and they have bells around their collar so I know when they are around etc and for their safety sometimes. Is this permissible?
  63. I want to ask a question that bothers me alot. Is the AQEEDAH of Dr. Zakir Naik is according to Quran & Sunnah??
  64. Is it authentic hadith that in 3 surahs there are spercial letters or have allahs name (surah baqarah, Al-imran and Taha)and if anybody recites any of these surahs and make dua, dua will be answered.
  65. If a British National, who is a Muslim, favors Saudi Arabia in match of football between Britain and Saudi Arabia, is this correct? This British Muslim National favors Saudi Arabia saying that Saudis are Muslims, so I have to favor them in winning?
  66. I promised ALLAH that i will not do a thing but after somedays i did it two to three times so if i fast for three days is it ok or i should fast as many times i have broken it but i have promised only once
  67. what do you think about this book "An-Nahj al-asma' fy sharh asma'a Allah al-husna" - Muhammad Mahmud An-Najdy?
  68. I'm a citizen of a developing non-Muslim country. Rich Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia do not offer citizenship to foreigners. Can I apply for citizenship in another developed non-Muslim country like the United States for the benefits?
  69. My father took some gold of my sister to invest in the business and he lost. Now my sister expects that gold to be given to her as that was given to her by her husband and my father is now sick and he cannot repay.............................
  70. I need to get a online chat support job online at home because I am sick from the side effect of chemo for 3 years and it hurts badly to work out of home...........................
  71. I am a layman muslim. Therefore is it permissible for me to advise someone if they ask me a fiqhi question based on the below scenario: ............................
  72. I have a wall clock (about 1 1/2 feet in size) at home which has two 1'inch and one 2' inch human idols(just like the dwarfs in the story snow white and the seven dwarfs ) on its side and on the top of it
  73. If we do not celebrate birthdays but exchange birthday wishes and gifts on this occassion, is it permissible?
  74. Its ok to benefit, from IT related training ebooks or videos found on internet download sites, even though the publishers have not posted them on their own sites?
  75. A non-Muslim wants to know where in the Qur'an does it say how old the Earth is.
  76. I heard a hadith where the prophet Mohammed(S.A.W) said the Qatil of imam Hussain (R.A) will be yazeed..my question is who is responsible for this Murder?
  77. Is it permissible for a business man to celebrate the opening of his new store by inviting few friends over for some light dinner?
  78. I know that it is forbidden to believe in fortune tellers, but I would like to know if it is allowed in Islam to believe what the weather man says on TV? The weatherman says what the weather would be for the next few days or week.
  79. Recently many Muslims are defining Jihad in different ways. Some say its struggling while others say its fighting. More over some say fighting is only in self-defence..............
  80. We have been constructing a new house. We want to sacrifice a goat for Thanking Allah and give a small dinner to our poor and near and dear. My question is how to invite the people?...
  81. I heard from a scholar that we are ordered not to watch our navel and knees in privacy. Is this true?
  82. Sometimes I try to imagine how Prophet Muhammad (sal) looks like. I have not heard anyone talking about how he(sal)looked like. Is imagining how he (sal) looks is a normal thing or should I avoid it?
  83. Suppose I broke an oath, but I am too shy to tell my parents to feed or cloth 10 poor persons on my behalf. In this case can I resort to fasting to fulfill the expiation?
  84. Are we allowed to capture and kill mice if seen in our houses and if so, after killing them do we have to bury them?
  85. My story is about family issues with my dad. My dad is sick and has severe depression and takes pills of the sort. A few years back he left the house and called the next day saying he is...
  86. My mother wants to know that is putting on one's clothes the wrong way round something from the shaytaan?
  87. If I eat and sleep with the intention of gaining strength to worship Allah,will I be rewarded? Also,if I go to school in order to take care of my self(which is a obligation,since we are not allowed to beg)and in order to pay charity,will I get rewarded?
  88. Where I leave there is a Mossala and a Masjid. The Mossala is where sunnah is being established in the best way they can, and the Masijd no Bidah is there but the management is under Bangladesh community. Am I to go to the Mossala or to the Masjid?
  89. Could you please tell me the ruling on applying to become a citizen of another country? I'm Nigerian but I was born in England and I'm thinking about applying.
  90. Some of the masjid here on Nigeria don't let the Mu'azzen say "Allahu Akbar" after the iman. Once the Mu'azzen calls the prayer and the Iman starts the prayer, his duty is finished.
  91. My Question to you is please tell me in detail and with evidence that Life Insurance is Halal or Hram in islam in the light of hadith and quraan. Now a days almost every one has vehicle insurance, house or business insurance.
  92. Is it true that Muslims always in trouble, in this world,what Islam says?
  93. I was born in America and im studying Arabic here in Egypt now. Is it permissble for me to go back and live there?
  94. If your workplace says you cannot use phones at work, and a person uses their phone, does this make the rizq they earn during the period of use haraam? if so, what is the expiation?
  95. Sheikh is that true that the name of Maryam mother was Hannah?
  96. What is your opinion about copyright issue,i have hear some sheikhs when they said that there is no copyright in islam,and nobody have right to sale words of Allah or stop pleople who can not afford, to gain knowledge?
  97. When writing God Willing in english we should NOT write it as "inshALLAH" or "insh Allah" because it means "create Allah" whether arabic or english please make sure we write it properly as "In shaa Allah"
  98. Unrestricted Takbeer or Takbeer restricted to certain times during the days of Dhu’l-Hijjah
  99. Is there something special about no 40? Because we find it mentioned many times in the Quran and Hadeeth?
  100. A sister ask: can she hope to be one of the wives of Omar ibn Khatab in Paradise?Even she is marry in this life with another man?
  101. My questions is this sheekh i have seen some poeple have a dark cycle in their forhead and I also heard dark cycle means a light and those who get that are the one who make a lot of sujud and prayers rights so I need to know if that is true or not ?
  102. can we read 2 nafils for wudu before Asr adn Maghrib prayer?