15 Rabi al-Thani 1441

Does a man have equal financial duty towards his wife & children and widowed mother?My brother does not give monthly pocket money to my mother for her expenses (she lives alone).In case he buys (say) a flight ticket for my mother, he cuts that amount & then gives her the balance monthly pocket money. She has no income of her own.He however pays for his wife&kids as required/is not stingy with them

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In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Feb 4th, 2019


He is obliged to spend on his wife and children and will be held accountable if he doesn’t. He must serve his mother to the best of his ability is rewarded for whatever he spends on her, however, all of her children are equally required to do that. It seems he is trying to balance between his wife and his mother and you shouldn’t make that hard on him!

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