29 Jumada al-Thani 1441

Do you think one day Allah might ask a person why he/she continues to stay with a bad person with Muslim faith( ex: even after advising:- they barely do salaat,they mix with the non mahram very well, they follow rules suited to them only,they watch porn even their spouse fulfill their desires, they are very attached to this world beauty… meaning more bad things than good)? Or will we b rewarded?

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Jan 5th, 2020


This depends on a number of factors: 

1.Does she have a better alternative or after divorce she will regret it because she can’t afford to survive financially or is unable to find anyone else to marry her and fulfil her needs as a human being.

2.Is her Iman increasing, decreasing or is it status quo! If it is decreasing, she must not stay as she must not compromise her own Iman. But if her iman is intact, she should try and give him advice and dawah and remind him of Allah.

3.If he is still Muslim and not left the fold of Islam. If he doesn’t pray at all, you shouldn’t stay with him.

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