18 Muharram 1441

Assalamu alaikum sheikh, If I put the clothes in which there is urine for wash and while puttingit touches the outer rim of the washing machine, so now everytime Iremove the clothes will they become impure again?And suppose I had a doubt if I cleaned myself properly after using the washroom or noAnd right after that sit on the remote by mistakeWill I need to ćlean the remote with a wet towel or is it clean?

By admin
In Purity
Apr 16th, 2014

Wa alaikum salaam,
all these thoughts are a bit “too much” and you must control your
thoughts each time shaytan whispers them to you by seeking refuge in
Allah! Otherwise it might turn into an OCD. You don’t know for sure
that urine has been transferred to the rim. Therefore, you should
ignore this doubt.

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