18 Muharram 1441

Assalamu alaikum sheikh, I have a muslim friend in front of whose house a dog comes and urinateson the gate often.She doesn’t clean it. Now my question is whenever she is entering the gate her abaya touchesthe gate where the dog urinates Do her clothes become impure and inturn sometimes my abaya touches hers.does my abaya also become impure and sometimes my abaya is kept on hers.does that also make my abaya impure? And does everywhrere she keep her abaya become impure?Actually I visit herhouse quite often and don’t know i have to wash my abaya and clothes everytime I come from her house.Jazakallahu khair.

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Apr 16th, 2014

Wa alaikum salaam
This urine probably is dry in about ten minutes. Therefore, it has no
effect on your dry clothes.

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