15 Rabi al-Thani 1441

After every fard salah when i recite dhikr in masjid the imam immediately start suplication and people following say”allahumma amen”in a loud voice & I feel very hard to recite dhikr sometimes foget what to say. So my question is if immediately after fard salah i say “astagfirullah 3 + allhahumma antassalam..”& return back to my home and say the rest of dhikr at home is the reward same as masjid?

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In Innovations
Jul 17th, 2019


It’s correct to leave the masjid immediately after praying the fard because congregational dua after salah is an innovation. You can leave them and go to the back of the masjid to finish your athkar. 

You can even recite your dhikr while going on the way to your home. 

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