8 Ramadan 1442

Can I run away with someone I love Parents disagree, and the person I love his very Islamic he keeps insisting to my parents agree but they never agree I tried running away once, they caught me and doesn’t allow me anywhere. What’s should I do, I have been in touch with him over the phone for almost 5 years but we never meet. We know each other from the phone and he lives away dif cu

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In Halal/Haram Matters
Mar 2nd, 2021


Running away with him takes you straight to hell as this is zina and one of the most major sins in Islam! 

You will bring disgrace to your family’s name and you will be your parent’s torment in this life for your behavior which would make Allah angry with you!

A true servant and slave of Allah can’t be enslaved to a human being like this! Satan is messing with your mind and causing you to commit all haram things that you are doing. Once this man gets what he wants, he will throw you like a used bone!

Fear Allah and have some honor and dignity and repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness for all the sins you had done and for all the pain you caused your parents. 

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