8 Ramadan 1442

My husband gets angry very easily.bcoz of some conflicts he does not go to my parents house.he does not respect my parents.he does not talk properly with my family mbers.if anyone is sick in my house he does not even ask how they r.nobody from my parents house came to my house as my husband will not pay them the respect they deserve.i lost my peace.wht islam tells me to do?

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Feb 15th, 2021


He is not obliged to maintain ties with your family, you are.

Do not make a big issue of this and ignore his behavior. Visit your family alone and don’t ever ask him to visit them or talk to them as long as he is more at peace with this.  

You must not respond to his negative comments at all and let him speak to himself. 

Abusive people act the way they do in order to upset and depress others. They live and thrive on peoples negative responses and reactions.

If you meet their abuse and rudeness with a smile, you never defend yourself when they accuse you of anything even if little and you don’t argue with them at all, this would kill them slowly. Whenever they talk trash to you, simply smile and do not respond or engage with them as if they don’t exist.

They will shout and scream, but you will remain calm and show no reaction to whatever they say or do. After sometime, they will feel silly and neglected and they will eventually stop.

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