16 Rajab 1442

I get riya thoughts every time i pray in the masjid or with anyone at all even if its one person the best way for me to get away for this is to pray alone, when i do this im ok, as soon as someone comes i get thoughts of riya, its the worst when i go to the masjid & its the beginning of salah i stop & think this is for Allah but its still there what to do, it hapens so much i jst ignore it.

By Admin
In Prayer
Jan 9th, 2021


This is what satan wants you to do and you are fulfilling his wishes. 

The second step is when he will make you leave prayers altogether. 

You must ignore such whispers and force yourself to pray with the congregation and convince yourself that you are praying for the sake of Allah and that you don’t care whether people are criticizing you or praising you.

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