15 Rajab 1442

I was not a practising Muslim.Now I want to gain knowledge about Islam and follow Islam accurately. But when I read the meaning of Qur’an sometimes I feel doubted such as Musa(A) had a stick which can transform into a snake it’s his mujija.if I doubt anything about Qur’an ,I would become a kafir.I don’t want to in hell.please help me to get rid off such doubts.

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In Psychological Problems
Jan 5th, 2021


These are all waswas from Satan to depress and sadden you. You must ignore these and never contemplate on these thoughts and engage yourself in constructive, halal activities and always keep your mouth moist with the remembrance of Allah. Have complete reliance and faith in Allah and pray & hope for the best as Allah is as His servant thinks of Him.

Random intrusive thoughts don’t impact your Islam as long as you don’t talk about them or act upon them. 

The doubt that makes a person uncertain and he truly doubts whether Islam is real or not or doubts one of the article of faith or of the Quran etc, this is blasphemous.

You must surround yourself with practicing Muslims and increase your knowledge about Allah, as you can only gain tranquility after submitting your will to Allah.

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