20 Rajab 1442

My husband who is naturally short tempered blackmails me on going for a second marriage every time I do some mistake (even very little ones) . It really hurts me and I can’t show same love to him. I pray Allah for patience and continue to love him for sake of Allah. Is this type of behavior permissible for men just because Allah had made it halal to have 4 wives?

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Dec 30th, 2020


He is sinful for hurting your feelings like this and he is an ignorant imbecile. 

Abusive people want to depress you or at least to make you say a negative remark or response to what they had said. When you ignore them, not defend yourself and not argue with them, this kills them and makes them feel silly for failing to provoke you. They will stop after sometime if you succeed in ignoring them as if they don’t exist.

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