7 Ramadan 1442

Sheikh I have admission test and Covid is on peak. I am really confused whether I should give it or not because if I do I will be risking my family life. We have small kids in house. If I go there is a lot of chance that I will get Covid . I really don’t want to risk my life for this worldly matter. I have heard many stories of people who went to give test and it killed their parent.

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Nov 27th, 2020


Have full faith and reliance upon Allah and go for this test if it’s an important exam while taking the necessary precautions, like face mask, sanitizing and social distancing etc. 

What you hear are mostly said to intimidate people and to prepare them mentally to take the vaccine. Less than 1% die of it and about 85% of the people don’t even get infected and those who are infected, the vast majority of them are cured without any medical intervention. 

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