23 Rajab 1442

I’m a non muslim and I see your video on Instagram that liking on someone pics Which shows lil bit nuditiy is a minor sin Sheikh i want to know How I avoid this And I’m also a overthinker I’m becoming so depressed amd irritable day by day how i get myself out from it Sheikh Please help me And Sheikh I want to keep myself away from Social med

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Nov 1st, 2020


All your problems will end when you accept Islam as it is the only solution for the problems of humanity and the only way to gain eternal peace which is continuous and sustainable and not temporary. 

When you have something true and real to believe in, you will find that all your worries and depression has disappeared. 

This is why the lowest rate of suicide and crime all over the world is found in Muslim communities and countries. 

I would invite you to consider accepting Islam and you are more than welcome to ask me whatever you want. 

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