14 Rabi al-Thani 1442

My friend (who is married) & I share the same interest/hobby. We’d spend time together & text evryday.When I found out that man & woman can’t have close friendship & shouldn’t have physical contact, I feel guilty to my friend’s partner. As I’m trying to cut off interaction & change for the better, Ive fear of if I’m sinning against the friend’s partner. Am I guilty to the partner?How do I apologise

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In Character and Morals
Oct 20th, 2020


It is totally prohibited to be friends with opposite gender who are non mahram to you. 

Feeling guilty because of his wife is the least of your concern because what you are doing is displeasing Allah and His punishment should be what that should stop you from communicating with this guy! 

Block him from everywhere besides repenting sincerely to Allah.

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