15 Rajab 1442

Few months ago I took Allaah’s oath and told my mom that I would not talk to dad, as she(my mom) wanted this, but now for some reason I want to talk to my dad and I am getting thoughts that I want to talk to dad so is it permissible for me to tell my mom that, Now I end/finish Allaah’s oath and now if I want I will speak to dad, (As I don’t want to sin by breaking Allaah’s oath) please help

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In Fiqh of the family
Oct 3rd, 2020


You must immediately break this oath and talk to your father as it’s one of the major sins to be disrespectful towards your parents let alone stop talking!

He is your middle gate to Paradise and Allah will be angry with you until you ask forgiveness from your father.

Expiate this breaking of oath by feeding or clothing 10 poor people. You don’t need to tell your mother about this. 

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