8 Rabi al-Awwal 1442

Sheikh My father want me to take loan and repair house and he have some debt to pay so he force me to do or else he will not talk and he will not allow anyone in family to talk me and my wife .I tried a lot to understand but he don’t and he know about riba and punishment. What should I do Sheikh?

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In Fiqh of the family
Sep 17th, 2020


It is not permissible to obey your father in this case, as Riba is a major sin and Allah curses those who deal in it. 

No problem if they all boycott you, you can go on being good towards them and they will eventually be back to normal. You must remain steadfast on Islam even if this meant that you don’t speak to your father for the rest of your life as he is a wrongdoer in Islam for this. 

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