15 Rajab 1442

Sir why this world is full of pain n misery? Why here gud ppl sufferer? Why i see pain around myself?Why lot of poor ppl? Why bad ppl hv more power to destroy? Why allah instantly dont help the oppressed? When i see n feel,i somehow loss my interest to live here, i wish then i could go away n take all those soul who hv been oppressed in a different world to live happily?

By Admin
In Psychological and Social Problems
Jul 3rd, 2020


Asking all these questions is objecting to the Decree of Allah. Your Islam is in great danger and you must work on becoming patient.

We were all sent to be tested in this world to separate the believers from the disbelievers. Those who object to Allah’s Decree fail this test and those who are patient pass. The choice is yours.

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