23 Rajab 1442

I am twenty years old girl, I have problem of stuttering while talking since my childhood. We have tried many things as possible to cure this disease but stuttering remains same. People make fun of me, they says, there will be problem at the time of my marriage just because sometimes I stutter. What should I do, Is there any Islamic treatment to cure this disease?

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In Psychological and Social Problems
Jun 18th, 2020


You may need to consult a speech therapist and to talk hours in front of a mirror. 

You can make ruqyah over water or zamzam and drink/wash a lot from it until you are cured by the Will of Allah. You may need to sit in front of the mirror and practice speaking until you master doing this without any problem. Make Duaa in your sujood to Allah to remove this from you. 

Do ruqya on water, preferably zamzam and drink lots from it throughout the day and night and also bathe with this water until you’re cured by the will of Allah.


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