20 Rajab 1442

After peeing , l clean up my penis with water . I take water into a mug and pour it on the penis . While pouring water , I squeeze up my penis to get the residual of urine inside it out . Is squeezing it in this case be regarded as masturbating?

By Admin
In Purity
May 28th, 2020


You shouldn’t do that however as this opens the door for Satan and for OCD. All you need to do is to urinate and relax until all is out without any squeezing from your side. After that, wash your private part and testicles and sprinkle water on your underwear and perform wudhu. 

Do not check your private part after that or squeeze it and whenever you get the feeling that something is coming out, ignore it and tell yourself that this is the sprinkled water.  After a few days, you will find that this feeling has disappeared and that you don’t suffer from this wiswas.

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