8 Sha'ban 1441

My fiance is a very good man with good characters and he loves me so much.But when I look at him I dont feel happy that this is going to be my husband because he is too slim, among my suitors he is the only one that I care about a little and am afraid I might not get someone better than him but am afraid of maltreating him after marriage,should I go on with the marriage?

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Feb 3rd, 2020


This is not something that would flip a woman’s opinion from a good person like this unless she is Ms universe!

Chance comes once in a life time and our religion states clearly to accept the man if he is religiously committed and has good moral conduct. 

Being too slim is not something one would reject a man for. Tomorrow you might gain weight and your husband can think of divorcing you for that reason. Would you be ok with that?

If you reject him, there will be hundreds of happier women who are willing to accept him. 

The choice is yours!

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