20 Rajab 1442

I always feel depressed on my iman and my life in general , i can stay the whole day having bad thoughts on my mind , which are not good to say , mostly on my religion and Other people sometimes even the ones who have passed away. Sometimes i used to be imam in my nearby mosque i even getting worried on my Wudhu that maybe i polute ,its alot of contravening things on mind

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In Waswaas - Whispers of Shaytaan
Dec 18th, 2019


These are all whispers of satan trying to mess up with your mind. You must ignore it and move on with your life and whenever you get such whispers, ask yourself: is this a devil saying this to me or is it an angel giving me advice?

You will find that the answer would always be: it is the devil.

Therefore, do not listen to him and move on with your life. 


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