24 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

Shiekh, I asked about a Hadith stating only men will go to the market & gather to see/speak Allah to (swt). As for the women they will just increase in beauty from home, I read in the Quran the believers will be gathered to glaze upon their lord in ranks,it doesn’t specify gender do I go with Hadith or do women also get to speak & see Allah(swt)?do their rank of closeness to Allah matter?

By Admin
In Paradise and Hell
Dec 9th, 2019


It seems that you have a problem in understanding and you shouldn’t apply your own understanding without referring to the Arabic language and then to scholars. If you do not speak Arabic, you shouldn’t make conclusions of your own and assume things that the hadeeth didn’t mention. Women will enjoy looking at Allah just like men! Your previous question if I recall correctly was about women going to the markets in paradise.


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