15 Sha'ban 1441

My husband is very short tempered he uses abusive language, he doesnt want to have intercourse with me 15 days pass by or even more but he doesnt care for my needs, he has a habit of backbiting about his wife with his family his sisters, mother and sometimes even his father too, I dont know how to make things right and how to stop him please help me

By Admin
In Kind Treatment of Spouses
Nov 25th, 2019


Marriages that are not based on Islam often face such problems and solving them is quite difficult as there is no focal point to refer to. 

Talk to him when he is in a good mood and explain to him that the matters between the husband and wife should not be disclosed with anybody. He is sinful and committing a major sin as this is backbiting!

If you live with them, ask him for a separate accommodation as this is your right in Islam and then you won’t care what they think of you.

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