15 Sha'ban 1441

My husband is working in …, he sends money to me through my mother in law even though I have my own bank account. I don’t like him doing this because i consider this as our personal. I asked him for reasons he’s saying, it will be not respectful if he sends money directly to me and then ended the conversation with,”Jannah lies under mother’s. I feel degraded with this. What should i do?

By Admin
In Kind Treatment of Spouses
Nov 20th, 2019


If you make it a competition between his mother and you, most likely he will choose her as a man can marry up to four wives at a time but he only has ONE mother. 

Your husband is ignorant as giving money directly to his wife is NOT something he needs to go through his mother for.  You must be diplomatic in your approach and tell him that once he gives his mother the money, it belongs to her and you feel uneasy taking any money from her and will no longer do this. You must remind him that he is obliged to spend money on you.

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