24 Dhul-Qa'dah 1441

I have a question regarding marriage. What if a Muslim husband finds out his wife was a prostitute and she o ly stopped months before he got married to her? What is the Islamic ruling on such situation? Please advise. Thanks.

By Admin
In Kind Treatment of Spouses
Nov 12th, 2019


He must not believe or accuse her of such things unless he can provide 4 male witnesses who can testify to seeing the penetration with their own eyes. Her past is her past and she is not allowed to expose her past sins to him despite the reason. 

How does he know that she hasn’t repented to Allah while showing deep remorse and sincerity and has become a pious practicing Muslima now? If she is a good woman and he hasn’t seen anything bad from her, he should ignore such rumors and whispers of satan and move on. 

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