15 Sha'ban 1441

I had asked u as my husband doesn’t care for me n four sons.I tried my level best to compromise with his second marriage.But he has left us alone as if we dont exist.His second wife has brain washed him against us n he doesnot want to keep any relatin with us.I asked him for forgiveness n give a new start but he is not at all bothered.we r stuggling for livelihood.pray for us n help me.

By Admin
In Kind Treatment of Spouses
Nov 3rd, 2019


Get his parents and siblings involved at least to provide for you and the children as this is their responsibility. If you are in a country that has a good legal system, go straight to the court and file a legal case against him demanding allowance and provisions for you and the children to be forced upon him by law and get your father and brothers involved to help you.

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