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my sister has been married for 10 years & has 2 kids. Her Husband has anger management issues and gets angry over small things like kids taking most of my sister’s attention or food not being cooked on time. He beats her if she explains. Slaps, pushes are norm now. Her body as well as soul is bruised. She still wants to be with him. But wants to deal with his anger. What to do?

By Admin
In Kind Treatment of Spouses
Oct 28th, 2019


She must take medical reports from the hospital proving such domestic violence. With such reports, she must warn him that she will call the police if he ever physically abuses her. She should involve her father and brothers to let him know that there are men protecting her and ready to beat him up if he thinks he is strong!

Being in such an abusive marriage is not healthy as he might permanently damage her if not kill her one day. He needs to know his limits. 

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