22 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

I want to go good deeds in front of people in the hopes that maybe they will get inspired by me and do the same and learn from me. I want them to get inspiration from me but i don’t have any pride in my heart. Or maybe it is pride that I’m better than others? Is it wrong to especially do good deeds in front of others?

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In Etiquette, Morals and Heart-Softeners
Sep 7th, 2019


This is something only you can answer. 

If you do something so that people may praise you, this is showing off which is totally prohibited. 

If you want others to be inspired by you, this is permissible but you must be very careful as Satan is always on our back and would make you get Riya in no time, so you must check your intentions and keep renewing it. 

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