14 Shawwal 1441

A Muslim man is having a happy married life and a loving family. However,he wants to have a second wife because he believes he can do justice to both of them as per Islamic norms.But his first wife doesn’t agree to his request. So, can he get married again keeping the second marriage secret from the first wife. The second wife and her family will be aware of his first marriage and family.

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Sep 7th, 2019


This is permissible, however it’s not recommended as the man would have to lie to his first wife about his whereabouts when he’s at his second wife’s house and it’s a major sin to lie. And the problems would escalate when he has children with his second wife and more so if he dies and the issue of inheritance would come up. Besides, everyday he keeps this as a secret from his 1st wife, the more betrayal she feels once she gets to know and she would hardly forgive him for that. 

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