21 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

I’m married for 7 yrs and live with my mother in law who is worst with me, always try to ruin my marriage. Me and husband fight bcz of her, he had hit me many times. He made me a servant and my kids obedient by hitting. I still behave well but now I want a separate house he refused, said I will not leave my mother and want me to live close to sis in law whr thr is joimt family system. Wht shd I do

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In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Aug 23rd, 2019


It is your right in islam to ask for a separate accommodation. It is not allowed for him to hit you like this as this is domestic violence and most countries incriminate such an action. Consult your parents and elders and then you can come with a decision. 

My motherinlaw is bing vry aggressive and vile towards me, I’m not allowd to sit with the family eat with the family n also cook for my husband or myself. She says I can’t eat the food she makes when she sleeps I go to kitchen to eat.She keeps calin me very hurtful names and brings my father and family into it,I only leave my room for work,husband says he won’t move out! What cn I do

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