14 Shawwal 1441

My mom is forcing me to get married to someone I don’t like. She’s worried that I wont get a boy in future and just because of that, it’s illogical to get married to any guy that comes across. I’m 25.But I dont like the guy she’s been showing me. How to make her understand that it’s Allahs will, when he wants I’ll get married. But forcing me into this is not the solution,when I dont like it.She tells me that i dont love her, respect her because of all this.

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Aug 13th, 2019


Nobody can force you to marry against your wish. 

However, you must not keep rejecting good proposals of practicing brothers with correct aqeedah because you are not getting younger and I have many cases of women rejecting good proposals and waited for their prince charming and their age slipped and now they’re crying and no proposals are coming any more.

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